DIY Furniture: Update Your Outdoor Decor With Paint!

DIY Furniture: Update Your Outdoor Decor With Paint!Rather than tossing your old outdoor furniture and buying new, update it with a simple DIY furniture project!

I know it’s so tempting — your outdoor furniture has been sitting out all winter and it’s looking terrible. It would be easier to throw it away. However, it would be a waste to throw away patio furniture that you can transform with a a little bit of paint! To inspire you, I wanted to show a quick before and after of a patio table that I redid for my craft booth!

What You Will Need:

1. An old patio table that needs a makeover. I bought mine at a garage sale for $1!

DIY Furniture: Update Your Outdoor Decor With Paint!

2. Low VOC spray paint

3. A homemade all purpose cleaner and a rag

4. A spray sealer like polycrylic (optional)

How To Do It:

1. Clean your patio table with a homemade all purpose cleaner and a rag. Make sure you take the time to get in the nooks and crannies — anything you don’t clean now will show up in your new paint job later. If your table is really bad, you can spray it down with a hose first.

2. Allow your table to completely dry. I simply let mine sit in the sun until it dried.

3. Spray paint it! Make sure your spray paint is compatible with the material of your patio table — mine was plastic, so I had to make sure my spray paint adhered to plastic. Remember that they key to a perfect spray paint job is several light coats. One heavy coat will give you lots of drips.

4. Once the spray paint is dry, go over the entire piece with a spray sealer. A spray sealer like Polycrylic isn’t the greenest craft supply, but it will protect your paint job in the long run. Especially for a patio table that will be outside, it is important to protect the paint from every day wear and tear.

DIY Furniture: Update Your Outdoor Decor With Paint!Isn’t the difference insane? Now you have a bright and colorful patio table for your outdoor space! If you’re looking for more outdoor ideas, be sure to check out our 75 DIY Garden Projects to Make Your Green Space Awesome post!

How are you updating your outdoor space this year? Share your ideas and projects with us!

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