Make a Fall Wreath from an Ugly Old Wreath

Upcycled Fall Crafts

Make a Fall Wreath from an Old Wreath

Transform an old, hoaky wreath into a sweet upcycled fall wreath using materials from your stash and your recycle bin!

If you don’t have an old Christmas or fall wreath stashed away, you can easily find one that needs a little love. Hit the thrift or scour some yard sales this weekend. I bet that you’ll even have more than one old wreath to choose from.

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Bonnie Getchell shared this great tutorial for how to make a fall wreath over at our sister site Feelgood Style. All that you need to make your own are that old wreath a few basic supplies.

Make a Fall Wreath from an Old Wreath


+ An old wreath to redo.

+ Sheet music or other recycled paper

+ Tape

+ Scissors

+ Two buttons from your stash

+ Hot glue/hot glue gun

+ A ruler

+ A permanent marker

+ Twine or ribbon from your stash


1. Remove all of the lovely items on your old wreath. Mine had a lot of glue left on the front, so I simply flipped the wreath over to the back. It was the perfect base for my new wreath.

2. Make the paper flowers by following the instructions on this Recycled Paper Mother’s Day Brooch tutorial– just don’t add a brooch pin to the back of the flower.

3. Then, hot glue the flowers to your wreath.

How to Make a Fall Wreath from an Old Wreath Form

4. To create the mini pennant banner, cut a piece of twine the length of your wreath.

5. Use your ruler and draw 4 triangles that will fit across the twine. The triangles should look something like this:

How to Make a Fall Wreath from an Old Wreath Form

(Make sure you leave an extra piece at the top to attach it to the twine.)

6. With a permanent marker, write each letter of “fall” on the triangles.

7. Using your hot glue gun, attach the triangles to the twine by gluing them like so:

How to Make a Fall Wreath from an Old Wreath Form

8. Tie or hot glue the banner to your wreath.

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