DIY Lighting: 46 Upcycled Lamp and Lighting Projects

DIY Lighting: 46 Upcycled Lamp and Lighting Projects

Need some lamp or lighting ideas? We have 46 DIY lighting projects that you’ll love!

Lighting is essential to every single room in your home. It sets the mood and the atmosphere for that space. The problem? New lighting from big box stores can be expensive. Instead of buying new, create your own one-of-a-kind pieces or update your current light fixtures. Give your room a lighting makeover with these incredible DIY lighting projects:

1. Liquor bottle lamps

2. Make a lace-wrapped lamp

3. Copper wire pendant lights

4. DIY globe pendant light

5. Chalkboard light fixture

6. Mason jar pendant light

7. Toilet paper roll light

8. New sconces out of apple sauce jars

9. Vintage cake carrier lamp

10. Update a vintage chandelier

11. Upcycled fire truck lamp

12. Wind turbine light fixture

13. Make a lamp from vintage cameras

14. Fruit bowl lamp

15. Wire waste basket into pendant light

16. Create a real drum shade pendant

17. DIY teapot lamp

18. Colander light fixture

19. Transform an outdated gold chandelier

20. Cheese grater lamp

21. Garden basket pendant lights

22. Tin can lamp

23. Pop top lamp shade

24. DIY vintage birdcage lamp

25. Baseball table lamp

26. DIY baseball bat lamp

27. Upcycled whisk lighting

28. Make a lamp from a toy tugboat

29. DIY lego lamp

30. Make a floor lamp out of vintage snack tins

31. Wine bottle chandlier

32. Wine bottle pendant light

33. Vintage basket light fixture

34. Make a lamp from a thrift store vase

35. DIY teapot chandelier

36. Spray paint thrift store brass lamps

37. Thrift store owl lamp redo

38. Recycled CD lamp

39. Turn an old music stand into a lamp

40. Make a trumpet lamp

41. Doily covered lamp shade

42. Silverware lamp

43. How to make a book lamp

44. Honey bear bottle lamp

45. Bottle cap lamp shade

46. Easy embroidery hoop pendant light

After you’re finished with your DIY lighting project, don’t forget to put in an energy efficient light bulb like compact fluorescents or LEDs. The switch from incandescent bulbs will help you save energy and money!

Which DIY lighting project is your favorite?

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