25 Creative DIY Projects Using Embroidery Hoops!

25 Creative DIY Projects Using Embroidery Hoops!

25 Creative DIY Projects Using Embroidery Hoops!

Searching for DIY projects using embroidery hoops? From wall art to DIY crafts, we totally have you covered!

Embroidery hoops aren’t just for embroidering anymore! There are so many DIYers who are transforming these seemingly average wooden hoops into DIY projects that are absolutely incredible. There’s wall art, DIY decor, DIY crafts — the possibilities are endless! The greatest part of all? Most of the time, you can easily find embroidery hoops at garage sales, thrift stores, and antique stores for fantastic prices. I have to admit that I have a pretty good collection of hoops from all of my thrifty adventures. I’ve found a whole collection for a few dollars before! Once you gather a couple (or a lot) of embroidery hoops, here are 25 amazingly creative DIY projects that you can make:

1. Make wall art with vintage lace

2. Embroidery hoop photo display

3. Colorful embroidery hoop wall art

4. Embroidery hoop pumpkins

5. Hang them from the ceiling

6. Embroidery hoop Easter eggs

7. Make an embroidery hoop pendant light

8. Musical wall art

9. Create a pin cushion (consider using these eco-friendly polyfill alternatives)

10. Embroidery hoop orbs (try using an eco-friendly stain instead)

11. DIY hanging planter

12. St. Patrick’s Day embroidery hoop wreath

13. Black lace earring holder

14. Embroidery hoop ornament

15. Embroidery hoop spider web

16. DIY canning lid and embroidery hoop wind chime

17. Embroidery hoop thread rack

18. Create a DIY bird feeder

19. DIY hanging laundry hamper

20. Embroidery hoop snow man

21. DIY hoop cake stand (try to use recycled cardboard instead of the foam board though)

22. Embroidery hoop name banner

23. DIY embroidery hoop brooch display

24. Embroidery hoop mobiles

25. DIY hoop clocks

A lot of these projects require fabrics, so try using eco-friendly fabrics from ourΒ fab fabrics series to make the project as green as possible!

Which DIY project using embroidery hoops do you want to try? Have you ever created your own craft or decor project using hoops? If so, share them with us! We’d love to pin them to our Pinterest boards!

[Photo Credit: Embroidery Hoop with Canvas via Shutterstock; text added]

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