Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose: 50 Ways to Revamp Your Decor with Chalkboard Paint

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose: 50 Ways to Revamp Your Decor with Chalkboard PaintReduce, reuse, repurpose — there are 50 incredible ways you can revamp your decor with chalkboard paint!

We’ve shared 55 chalkboard ideas for your wedding, but what about your decor? From furniture redos, to fun art for your walls, there are so many possibilities! Be prepared to get inspired — below are 50 ways you can give your decor a makeover with chalkboard paint!

1. Make chalkboard art from an old candy box

2. Make a chalkboard back splash

3. Create a chalkboard hall tree from an old door

4. Make a colorful chalkboard dresser

5. DIY decor: a fun chalkboard door with a shelf

6. Create a chalkboard coffee table

7. Easy tip to reduce food waste: a kitchen chalkboard

8. Upcycle a metal tin into a chalkboard planter

9. Make a DIY chalkboard wreath

10. Upcycle an old globe into a chalkboard globe

11. How to make a chalkboard window

12. DIY chalkboard kitchen cabinets

13. Chalkboard filing cabinet

14. Upcycle a piece of art into a chalkboard

15. Paint your fridge with chalkboard paint

16. DIY chalkboard paint lampshade

17. Make a chalkboard picture frame

18. Chalkboard wine bottles

19. DIY chalkboard plate chargers

20. Turn a boring table into a chalkboard table

21. Make a chalkboard from a vintage silver tray

22. Chalkboard clipboards

23. Revamp a boring light fixture with chalkboard paint

24. Chair back chalkboard

25. Create a chalkboard headboard

26. Make a giant chalkboard calendar wall

27. DIY chalkboard stairs

28. Paint a sideboard with chalkboard paint

29. Repurpose a crib into a chalkboard table for kids

30. DIY chalkboard stripe dresser

31. DIY chalkboard silhouette

32. Thrifted chalkboard placemats

33. Chalkboard secretary desk

34. Recycled chalkboard vases

35. Chalkboard mason jar seed starter pots

36. Chalkboard suitcase sign

37. DIY chalkboard table runner

38. Decorate your front porch or patio with a chalkboard easel

39. DIY chalkboard planters

40. Make a chalkboard cake stand

41. Upcycled chalkboard fan

42. Create chalkboard chairs

43. Make a chalkboard from a mirror

44. Revamp TV trays with chalkboard paint

45. Kids chalkboard lamps

46. Upcycled chalkboard tea tins

47. Turn an old cabinet door into a chalkboard

48. Turn salvaged crib parts into an unique chalkboard

49. Chalkboard kitchen counter tops

50. Queen Anne vanity becomes chalkboard desk

Which chalkboard paint project do you want to try first? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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