Spotted: Upcycled Comic Book Cans

Make an Upcycled Comic Book Can

Make an Upcycled Comic Book Can

Need a little bit of craft supply storage? Grab an old tin can or coffee can and some comic book pages for this simple comic book craft!

I know, cutting up a comic book feels like sacrelidge. For this craft project, choose a comic book that’s already in bad shape. A quick trip to the thrift store will turn up lots of old comic books, and as an ethical crafter you want to leave the readable ones on the shelf.

Susan at Organized 31 says that this mom-and-son project took them 15 minutes to complete, and it took 20 minutes to dry. That mean that you can create some pretty upcycled storage in under an hour!

To make your own upcycled comic book cans, you’ll need:

  • an old, cleaned metal can
  • a comic book that’s past its prime (or any pretty reclaimed paper that you have on hand, really)
  • scissors or a paper cutter
  • Mod Podge
  • sponge brush

Ready to get started? Click here for Susan’s tutorial!

2 thoughts on “Spotted: Upcycled Comic Book Cans”

  1. Thanks for featuring my Upcycled Comic Book Can. It’s easy enough to make with younger kids and cool enough for adult kids.

  2. This post could not have come at a better time. My roommate’s birthday is today and 2 days ago I had no present idea until I read this post. I used a $1 trashcan from the dollar store and peanuts comics (his favorite). I save comic book page to warp gifts in for birthday so I had tons of strips to pick from. I think it turned out great! See attached picture.

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