Outdoor Decor: Upcycle an Old Shutter into Art!

Outdoor Decor: Upcycle an Old Shutter into Art!Take your DIY skills outside with outdoor decor like this old shutter that I upcycled into art!

It’s easy to think about decor for your home, but what about outdoor decor? In honor of garden week, I wanted to share a project that will inspire you to get crafty in your outdoor space! Spring is here and it’s all about spending quality time outside. One way you can dress up your outdoor area: upcycle an old shutter into art!

What You Will Need:

1. An old shutter. I found mine at a garage sale for a few dollars! You should be able to find one at thrift stores or antique stores as well.

2. Eco-friendly paint. You will want to use several different colors — we used black, blue, pink, red, yellow, and white.

3. Several sizes of small paint brushes

How To Do It:

1. This is the step where I admit that my talented Mom did most of the work because she is artistically inclined. However, I paid attention and took notes, and I truly believe anyone could recreate this piece.

2. The shutter was originally white, so we gave it a quick coat of black paint. As you can tell from the pictures, it’s a dry brushed look that is imperfectly perfect. It gives the shutter a worn and weathered look that’s great for the outdoors!

3. Once the black paint was completely dry, my Mom went crazy painting the flowers. I loved how she worked with the shutter’s flaws. For example, she turned the hole in the middle of the shutter (where the knob used to be) into the middle of a flower.

Outdoor Decor: Upcycle an Old Shutter into Art!

4. After painting all of the flowers, she connected them with the vine. Isn’t it pretty?

Outdoor Decor: Upcycle an Old Shutter into Art!

5. (Optional) If you want to give your shutter a little more protection from the outdoors, I would recommend giving it a quick coat of Polycrylic. It isn’t the greenest craft supply, but it will protect your shutter in the long run.

Unfortunately, everything outside of my house is still brown, so I had to take pictures of the shutter indoors! I can imagine this cutie against a wall, fence, or tree in my backyard. You could even put it next to one of the awesome herb spiral planters that Becky shared on Wednesday, or against a rad wall with all natural graffiti made from moss.

Where would you put your shutter? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below!

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