12 Awesome Christmas Quilts That You Can Make

Star Wars T-shirt quilt

Quilts are seasonal anyway, so if you’re planning a quilt, why not indulge in some holiday cheer and make an awesome Christmas quilt? Sure, you’ll be ready to put it away on January 2nd, but from the day after Thanksgiving until then, think about how cherished it will be!

You can make many traditional quilt patterns look seasonal simply by substituting appropriate colors, but I also enjoy specifically Christmas quilt patterns. Whichever YOU prefer, check out my list of Christmas quilt tutorials below, and find the next project on your to-do list!

1. Christmas-Themed T-Shirt Quilt One of my favorite things to sew is a themed T-shirt quilt. I collect T-shirts on a specific topic (Star Wars, say…), and then sew a T-shirt quilt from them. Use this method with Christmas-themed T-shirts, and your Christmas quilt will be so soft and comfy!

Star Wars Crafts

2. Christmas Star Quilt Block The tutorial is for the quilt block, which you can then use to make a quilt of any size.

Image Credit: Christmas Star quilt block image via Threadbare Creations

3. Half-Square Triangle Star This quilt has a red and white color scheme–definitely appropriate for Christmas, or all winter, really, but I think that you could also lay it out on the 4th of July as a picnic blanket and it wouldn’t look out of place.

Image credit: half-triangle star quilt via Lemon Squeezy Home

4. Very Merry Wall Quilt You won’t mind all the detail that you put into this quilt–not only is it super cute, but it’s also super small, just the right size for hanging on your wall.

Image Credit: Very Merry wall quilt image via Jedi Craft Girl

5. In From The Cold Quilt Here’s another quilt pattern that you can use all winter, not just through the Christmas season. Any weather that’s right for hot chocolate is right for this quilt!

Image Credit: In From the Cold quilt pattern via Quilting Digest

6. Patchwork Forest Here’s another quilt that you could make super festive or more sedate, depending on your color scheme. Keeping the trees evergreen, or using the red, white and green color scheme, makes the quilt feel like winter.

Image Credit: Patchwork Forest quilt image via Diary of a Quilter

7. Christmas Countdown Quilts American Quilter is in the third year of offering a series of Christmas quilt blocks, which you can use in any combination to create an original Christmas quilt.

Image Credit: Christmas Countdown quilt blocks image via American Quilter

8. Scrappy Triangles I LOVE the way that Quilty Love turned this simple quilt into a Christmas quilt just by using red, green, and white fabric. If you, too, have a good-sized fabric stash, then you, too, could possibly make this quilt just by using what you’ve got on hand.

Image credit: scrappy triangle quilt image via Quilty Love

9. Christmas Trees Quilt Triangles are a popular quilt block for a Christmas quilt, and here’s another one! This particular quilt has additional piecing making up each triangle, so you can make quite an elaborate creation!

Image Credit: Christmas Trees quilt image via Laurie Matthews

10. Nine-Patch Christmas Quilt Nine-patch quilts are easy enough for beginners to sew perfectly, but the applique trees on this particular pattern make it something special.

Image Credit: nine-patch Christmas quilt image via Quilting Digest

11. Textured Tree Block With Pleats Pleating is used to give this tree block a three-dimensional appearance–it’s stunning enough to stand alone as a holiday decoration!

Image Credit: textured tree block image via Sew Lux

12. O Christmas Tree If you like the idea of the scrappy triangles but want something more specifically themed, check out the way that Material Girl Quilts put a Christmas tree in the center!

Image credit: O Christmas Tree quilt image via Material Girl Quilts

Do you know of a great Christmas quilt tutorial or a regular quilt tutorial that would look great as a Christmas quilt? Tell me about it in the Comments below!

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