Craftivism in Action: The Fighter Tee

Handmade Boy's The Fighter Tee

Handmade Boy's The Fighter Tee

Looking for a crafty way to support a great cause? Check out The Fighter Tee, by Handmade Boy.

The Fighter Tee is a kid’s T-shirt pattern, available from the Handmade Boy etsy shop, Handmade Boy Creations. It’s a basic T-shirt pattern for children sizes 2-12, but it also has a special something:

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this T-shirt pattern go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The co-author of the pattern and blogger behind Handmade Boy is releasing the pattern through her etsy shop as a fundraiser for St. Jude, specifically as part of the St. Jude East Peoria to Peoria Run. Runners are expected to raise money for St. Jude as part of their commitment, and it’s always interesting to see the creative ways that people find to do so.

Such as creating a sewing pattern and donating the proceeds from its sale!

Crafty bloggers have already done some interesting things with the T-shirt pattern. The Wholesome Mama added a vinyl graphic (you could use fabric paint and a stencil as a more eco-friendly option). My Creative Room added a hood (I LOVE adding hoods to T-shirts!). Falafel and the Bee omitted the side panel. Another easy mod would be to upcycle T-shirts into the pieces for this pattern–I love the mis-matched look that comes from piecing together old T-shirts into new clothing.

Fundraising ideas like this one always get me inspired to do more craftivism of my own. My kiddo sometimes runs a weekend bake stand with a donation can to our local chapter of the Humane Society, but something like this is like the next generation of the bake stand: a way for people to buy something that they want and make a donation to a particular non-profit in the process. If you’re in the habit of making and selling your own crafts, let it inspire you, too! What could YOU make and sell? What favorite charity could you donate your proceeds to?

Image Credit: Fighter Tee image via Handmade Boy

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