DIY Furniture: Update an old dresser with a photograph!

DIY Furniture: Update an old dresser with a photograph!

DIY Furniture: Update an old dresser with a photograph!

I love the way this simple DIY furniture makeover transforms an old dresser into a statement piece.

Emma at A Beautiful Mess updated a dresser from their book Happy Handmade Home. The dresser was already lovely. Sleek, minimal, and modern. And her DIY furniture makeover changes its personality completely.

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Emma used a blueprint copy of a photograph to do this project, but you could really use any large paper that you like. A map would look lovely, and so would pretty wrapping paper from your stash. Shen notes that the best choice is something abstract or a landscape. A photo with people, for example, might look weird. what if you lay it all out and then a piece of hardware is sticking out of your bestie’s ear?

DIY Furniture Makeover: The Photo Dresser

What I love most is this project’s simplicity. You only need a few basic supplies to make it:

-blue print copy of a photo or other large piece of printed paper (map, vintage wrapping paper, etc.)

-scrap paper

Royal Coat Decoupage Finish (similar to Mod Podge)

-foam brushes

-X-Acto knife

That’s it! You can get the directions and see more photos of this lovely photo dresser over at A Beautiful Mess.

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