Buy Lily’s Lovebirds and Send a Girl to School

Lily's Love Birds

This fifth grader wants you to help young girls stay in school, and she launched a charitable crafty business to make it happen. Do you want to help her send a girl to school?

Money on the ground will go a long way towards keeping a girl in Pakistan, Nigeria, Jordan, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and other places out of the workforce or out of a child marriage so that she can complete her education. Some organizations, such as the Malala Fund or the Conscious Connections Foundation, work directly towards this, while other charities, such as Days for Girls, spend that money to provide girls with the essential supplies that they need to be able to attend school.

Raising that money, however, is a constant struggle, and when an organization has to spend its own time, resources, and manpower on fundraising, well, that’s less money that they can spend to send a girl to school.

One kid, however, is taking on the burden of fundraising for girls’ education, and she’s using her sewing skills to do it!

This kid wants you to help send a girl to school. She launched a charitable crafty business to help young girls get the educations they deserve.

Lily’s Lovebirds is the brainchild of one kid who now, with the help of her sister and mother, sews fabric birds of her own design and sells them, donating the proceeds to the Malala Fund and the Conscious Connections Foundation, both of which work to keep girls in school. The kid has raised over $4,000 so far, which is a pretty big deal considering that, you know, she’s a kid.

Lily’s story recently blew up on social media through the A Mighty Girl Facebook page, and now she’s got so many orders that she’s temporarily sold out of lovebirds. You can still donate to those organizations, though, either in Lily’s name or your own, because whether or not you have a homemade lovebird to show for it, you can still send a girl to schoool!

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