Craft Book Review: 51 Things to Make with Egg Cartons

51 Things to Make with Egg Cartons

51 Things to Make with Egg Cartons

Got some egg cartons taking up ALL the space in your recycling bin?

Got some little kids?

If you can answer yes to both of those questions, then you have everything that you need for 51 Things to Make with Egg Cartons, which I received for free from a publicist, by Fiona Hayes.

In this book, you are going to find all the cute things that little kids like to make, and they all come from egg cartons. Seriously, we’ve got animals that range from chickens to hedgehogs to hippos, puppets and masks, monsters and robots, garlands and wreaths, and a pirate ship, an airplane, and a tractor. Every single kid will like *something* from the project list!

Although the supplies required in addition to the egg cartons are minimal for each project, it’s definitely worth flipping through the book before you begin, to make sure that what you need is on hand. You’ll need elastic string for one of the masks, for instance, a couple of bottle caps for the dump truck, a foam ball for the witch (this is one of the few instances in which a more eco-friendly substitute is desired; I’d suggest repurposing a bouncy ball until the kid is done playing with the witch), and of COURSE you’re going to need a ton of pipe cleaners.

Since these are all crafts meant for children, they’re all relatively kid-friendly, but you’ll need to help out younger kids with many of them. Even a preschooler could likely manage to make her own egg carton tortoise or set of egg carton fairies, but you’ll need to help out more with the egg carton owl, and do most of the cutting for the egg carton flower garland. Even with the more complicated crafts, though, even the youngest kids should be able to do all the painting, and let’s not kid ourselves here–that’s a kid’s favorite part!

I received a free copy of 51 Things to Make with Egg Cartons, because I can’t write about a book unless it’s encouraged me to cut up all of my egg cartons that I actually need to hold our chicken flock’s eggs!

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Written by Julie Finn

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