Selfie Saturday: Craft Knife

Craft Knife

Craft Knife

Selfie Saturday–[sel-fee sat-er-dey], proper noun; the day on which our writers show you what they’re up to when they’re not working for us.

Hey, y’all! I’m Julie, editor and writer at Crafting a Green World. I’m the one who does all the comic book and record album craft tutorials, and the one with the photos of my two kids doing all kinds of crazy stuff like wielding power tools and pipe swords, which some of you super like to yell at me about!

And if you like to yell at me about letting children use soldering irons and wood burners, then you are going to LOVE my personal blog, Craft Knife, which is all that plus a lot of wandering in the woods wielding machetes, and painting the car, and gluing things to the house.

Seriously, I let my kids paint the car:

Craft Knife

I’m the one who glues stuff to the house, however:

Craft Knife

My blog focuses on what I’m doing when I’m not writing/editing/viral marketing at Crafting a Green World (and speaking of viral marketing… I REALLY want you to follow Crafting a Green World on Facebook!).

Craft KnifeMostly, I write about the adventure of homeschooling these two bright, curious, willful maniacs who live with me. Their education is both academically rigorous and homemade, so you’ll see posts about my strategies for teaching various subjects (today, for instance, I’m pretty stoked because I found a number line broken down into hundredths, and thanks to it, my older kid FINALLY understands rounding decimals!), my plans for unit studies (our unit on Ancient China was pretty epic, but during our pioneer unit, both kids fainted in public and had to be given first aid by Civil War soldiers), and essays on our travels and volunteer work, including the time that we spend in the fossil prep lab of a local museum, cleaning edmontosaurus bones.

When my kids are off picking black raspberries or doing whatever it is they find so engrossing to do on Minecraft, however, I also blog about my craft projects that don’t fit here on Crafting a Green World, and I spend way too much time fangirling about books and movies and TV shows and comics and dinosaurs. I write fanfiction and comic strips and essays about pop culture and the Medieval period, and I cook only when I feel like it.

So feel free to pop over there and visit, and if you do, definitely tell me hi!

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