Craft for Good with The Snuggles Project

Snuggles Project: Repair Your Bamboo Knitting Needles

Snuggles Project: Repair Your Bamboo Knitting Needles

Cats and dogs deserve our crafty love, too, especially when they’re all alone in an animal shelter.

The Snuggles Project makes the animal shelter a comfier place for an animal to be, by making and donating Snuggles, which are a combination of pillow and blanket and comfort object. A Snuggle gives an animal something to cuddle on or in, something add some padding to its enclosure, and something to make its space feel more welcoming and home-like to potential adopters. The Snuggles Project claims that a Snuggle will help a frightened animal calm itself so that staff can get that animal on the adoption floor more quickly; will make matching animals with adoptive families quicker and easier by putting all parties at ease; and will help the crafter–you!–feel good about herself thanks to the good that she’s doing in the world.

The Snuggles Project website includes a pattern library with patterns and tutorials for crocheting, knitting, and sewing Snuggles, as well as some no-sew Snuggle projects that would work especially well with children or as a group or club project. Several of these projects are also up on Ravelry.

To donate a Snuggle to an animal shelter, you should consult their Worldwide Shelter Directory, and find a shelter with the kitten icon; that shelter accepts Snuggles, and you may donate directly to it, reporting your donation to the Snuggles Project.  It’s possible, of course, to donate to your favorite shelter even if it’s not on the list; you just need to call them and see if they use towels, blankets, or the like in their animal enclosures. If they do, it’s likely that they’ll accept a Snuggle after you explain the project to them. If they don’t, it’s often because they don’t have the facilities to wash such items. In that case, doing laundry for them just might be your new calling!

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Written by Julie Finn

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