Crafters We Love

Crafters We Love: Everyday Eclectic and a Giveaway!

We had the opportunity to interview the crafty couple from Everyday Eclectic– makers of handcrafted artisan goods like soy candles, natural soaps, and room and linen spray. They are also giving away a prize pack to celebrate CAGW reaching 5,000 likes on Facebook!

HandCrafting Justice: Proof that Craft Can Change Lives

For a lot of us, green crafting means using eco-friendly materials. Or maybe it means using your crafty skills to replace disposables in your life with reusables. Either way, the environment plays a big role in ethical crafting for most of us. For many of us, though, ethical crafting is about making a difference for individual people as well as the environment, and that’s just as important.

HandCrafting Justice is a good example of folks using crafty skills to change lives.

Green Crafter: First World Trash

First World Trash makes functional accessories by recycling billboards and seat belts. The eco-chic items are carried in stores around the world and the owner’s goal is to do what’s good for the people of her hometown than just make accessories. Read more to find out where her ultimate vision lies.

Green Crafter: Rustic Carvings

Working with salvage wood is a sure way to green your crafting, if you can navigate those heavy tools. One savvy crafter knows her miter saws from table saw.

Green Crafter: Alex Keller

Alex Keller is a jewelry redesigner who converts vintage jewelry and upcycles them into more modern vintage chic jewelry. Her love of vintage carries into her vintage shop where she sells vintage housewares. Let’s see if she has any tips on vintage shopping.

Green Crafter: Peaces of Indigo

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, mining precious metals is one of the biggest environmental nightmares. Tons of toxic chemicals like cyanide and mercury are used to produce and refine precious metals. It is estimated that about 2.9 pounds of mercury is released for every 2.2 pounds of gold produced.ย 

And with that in mind, Dawanna of Peaces of Indigo recycles silver, gold, and bronze to make jewelry.

Green Crafter: Twig & Leaf Botanicals

twig & leaf botanical is an uber eco-friendly herbal shop that sells organic, vegan herbal concoction on Etsy. How did she start her passion of making herbal remedies?

Green Crafter: Debby Arem Designs

Debby Arem is the designer behind Debby Arem Designs. She is a perfectionist and fascinated by detail, texture and color. She creates unique ‘geekery’ jewelry and accessories for the home and office that are sometimes whimsical or abstract and sometimes purely decorative or quite functional.

Crafty Kids: Tristin and Tyler Document Green Crafts in the City

Don’t you just love when you see kids getting excited about crafting? It’s even better when they’re fascinated with repurposed materials. A new web series featuring 7-year-old twins Tristin and Tyler is chock full of green crafting inspiration for kids and grown-ups alike!

Green Crafter Profile: Recycled Brooklyn

Matt Loftice of RecycledBrooklyn found green crafting inspiration 1,300 miles away in New Orleans, Louisiana. Shortly after Hurricane Katrina, he saw an article about a man recovering all of the wreckage to rebuild his home after it was destroyed.

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