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broken dishes

20 Ways to Upcycle Broken Dishes

Instead of tossing it into the waste stream and feeling bad about yourself because of it, give that broken dish a second life by upcycling it into something fun, beautiful, and useful.

diy sewing table plans

18 DIY Sewing Table Plans

Whether you make your sewing table from scratch, or modify it from an existing piece of furniture, DIYing it is a great way not only to avoid buying something else new that will one day end up in the waste stream, but also to make yourself the exact custom sewing table that you need, exactly the way you want it.

How To Frost Glass

Frosted glass is easy to DIY, and there are a ton of different methods to do it.


30 Eco-Friendly DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving tends to get lost in the build-up to Christmas, but even though there’s snow on the ground outside my window right now, I personally still want to pretend like it’s autumn.

pressed flowers and book

36 Dried Flower Crafts

Whether you pick a project right from this list or use it to inspire you to create your very own project, you’ll find lots of wonderful ways to use dried flowers right here!

20 Upcycled Clipboard Crafts

If you’ve got an unloved clipboard that you wish you didn’t, check out this list of my favorite upcycled clipboard crafts.

spring wreath

30 Spring Wreaths to DIY

Keep your front door in tune with the season by DIYing a beautiful, eco-friendly spring wreath!

How To Refinish a Picnic Table with Paint

You’ve got to paint a few coats of sealant on your picnic table, anyway, if you want it to last outdoors–you might as well paint something interesting onto it first!

Turn An Old Blender Into A Planter

I did what I do with every single even vaguely container-shaped piece of junk that needs a second life around here–I turned it into a planter!

how to make a fairy garden

How to Make a Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is easy to make, and nope, it actually doesn’t require any of those porcelain or plastic store-bought fairy garden accessories.

absolut vodka

3 DIY Vodka Cleaning Recipes

A little for the counters, a little for the person cleaning the counters. Vodka combines some of the best properties from many other green cleaning pantry staples. Try these simple vodka cleaning recipes.

baking soda and vinegar

How to Clean with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Cleaning with baking soda and vinegar is nothing new, but there are just so many ways to use these two kitchen ingredients. Here are a ton of ideas for how to clean with baking soda and vinegar.

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