Holiday Crafts: 14 DIY Eco-Friendly Christmas Ornaments

Holiday Crafts: 14 DIY Eco-Friendly Christmas Ornaments

Skip the big box stores this year and create your own holiday crafts like these DIY eco-friendly Christmas ornaments!

I think it goes without saying that we love DIY Christmas ornaments around here. Not only do we have the satisfaction of being crafty, but we also love the fact that our ornaments are made from eco-friendly and/or recycled materials. Plus, rather than spendings tons of money on ornaments at big box stores, you can easily make your own! Here are 14 DIY ornaments to get you inspired:

1. Make a Recycled Gift Tag and Ornament — Want to include an ornament with each handmade gift you make this year? Make an ornament that can also double as a gift tag!

2. Create an Adorable Scrabble Ornament — Last week I created this scrabble ornament over at Feel Good Style. Not only are they oh-so-cute, but they’re super easy to make as well.

3. Button Wreath Ornament — Do you have some vintage buttons in your craft stash? Put them to good use with this button wreath ornament tutorial!

4. Upcycle Unused CDs into Mosaic-Style Ornaments — As the iPod generation, we’re all bound to have some unused CDs. Give them new life by turning them into mosaic-style ornaments.

5. Recycled CD Wish List Ornament — If it’s just too hard to break your Backstreet Boys CD into little pieces for a mosaic-style ornament, you can try this wish list ornament. I love the idea of recording what your child wants for Christmas, too!

6. Cinnamon Dough Ornaments — Not only do cinnamon dough ornaments look great, but they’ll fill your home with an amazing cinnamon smell– it’s a win-win situation!

7. Recycled Cardboard Christmas Ornament — If you happen to have any recycled cardboard in your recycling bin, this is the perfect time to work some crafty magic and turn it into a sweet ornament!

8. Felted Acorn Ornaments — Acorn crafts are so adorable to begin with, but acorn ornaments? Count me in! The best part? There’s a step by step video on how to make your own!

9. Super Simple Double Sided Paper Ornaments — For those who aren’t the craftiest or are short on time, here’s a super simple paper ornament that is so easy to make, you’ll feel like a crafty rockstar!

10. 10 Soda Can Ornament Ideas — Soda cans are so much fun to craft with because of their bright colors– perfect for ornaments! Check out this list of 10, yes 10, soda can ornament ideas.

11. Beeswax and Fabric Scrap Ornaments — If you have beeswax on hand, try out these beeswax and fabric scrap ornaments. You can make them into fun Christmas-y shapes, too!

12. DIY Burlap Christmas Ornament — Have you done any burlap projects this year? If so, you’re bound to have some burlap scraps that you can transform into beautiful ornaments!

13. Scrap Wood Snowmen Ornaments — If you like to woodwork, perhaps you have small scrap wood pieces that you can use for these darling snowmen ornaments! You can even get your children involved by having them paint and/or decorate the snowmen.

14. Five Christmas Ornaments You Can Make With Scrap Yarn — Do you crochet or knit? First of all, I’m jealous of your skills! Second, you’re going to love these ornaments that you can make with scrap yarn. There’s even one project for people like me that can’t knit or crochet!

Which DIY ornament project has inspired you? Do you make your own Christmas ornaments? If so, share a link to your ornament projects below– we’d love to share them on our Facebook page or pin them to our green Christmas Pinterest board.

[Photo Credit: Red Christmas Ornaments via Shutterstock]

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