How-to: Beeswax and Fabric Scrap Ornaments

beeswax and fabric scrap Christmas tree ornaments

Our handmade holiday is fast approaching! As I’ve mentioned before, I try very hard to craft all of our presents to extended family and friends. The gifts need to be relatively quick and easy to make, things that will be genuinely appreciated, and constructed entirely from stash.

Beeswax ornaments are quite quick and simple to make. They’ll be loved by anyone who has a tree (or a sunny window!) to decorate, and you’ll love that they only require just a bit of beeswax and a narrow scrap of fabric for each ornament.

tear a strip of fabric for the beeswax ornamentWhile you’re melting your beeswax in a crock pot or double boiler, grab any fabric purchases that you’ve made recently. You know how to true the fabric to the grain by clipping into it near one edge, then ripping it all the way down the edge to find the on-grain straight edge? Do that.

The narrow strips of fabric that you’ve ripped away will be the ornament hangers for your beeswax ornaments. Cut them into strips and they’re ready to go.

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