How-to: Recycled CD Wish List Ornament

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handmade holiday graphicRecycled CD Wish List Ornaments

Worried that in twenty years you’ll have trouble remembering what it was that your little kid wanted more than anything else for Christmas this year?

Record their wish lists for posterity with an ornament that will remind the whole family every year that in 2012, your younger daughter wanted a dragon for Christmas and your older daughter wanted a computer game that does not actually exist (Trust me: I Googled!).

You can make this ornament on the front side of a scratched CD or DVD, leaving the shiny side to refract the Christmas lights, or, if you don’t have any old CDs, from the back of an old cardboard record album cover. Either way, you’ll always remember this Christmas!

Ready to get crafty? Grab some old CDs or reclaimed cardboard and click here for the tutorial!

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