How To: Make A Recycled Gift Tag & Ornament

After last week’s post, How To: Laundry Cup Wall Art, I started thinking about other uses for rolled magazine pages. Then, I was inspired by Julie’s Five Sustainable Wrapping SolutionsΒ post to create some recyclable gift solutions of my own! Put the two together, and I made my own gift tags that can double as ornaments!

DIY gift tag

What You Will Need:

1. Old magazines.

2. Tape.

3. Hot glue/Hot glue gun.

4. Scissors

5. Twine. If you can, use hemp twine— it’s more eco-friendly!

6. Scrap paper. I used some red and green paper that I had left over from another project.

How To Do It:

1. Roll up your magazines like I did with the Laundry Cup Wall Art tutorial. You can choose whatever length you’d like, but mine were about 2.5 inches long. Use tape to keep your magazine rolls secure. I used 17 magazine rolls for the “Merry Christmas” tag and 11 for the “To Mom” tag.

2. Hot glue your magazine rolls together.

3. Cut a rectangle out of your scrap paper. I did a large green rectangle and then a slightly smaller red rectangle in order to make a “frame.”

4. Hot glue both of the rectangles to your magazine rolls. Of course, you will glue the green one first, and then the red one.

5. Then, cut letters out of your magazine. You can choose whatever phrase you would like– I chose “Merry Christmas” and “To Mom.” In the future, I would probably only put “Mom” on it, that way it can double as an adorable ornament as well.

6. I chose to hot glue each letter onto the red rectangle, but you can also use regular school glue or Eco Glue. (Hot glue just dries faster.)

7. After your letters are all dry, turn your gift tag over. Cut a small piece of twine or hemp twine. Then, put a glob of glue on one end of the gift tag and place the twine in it like so:

DIY gift wrap

Be careful not to burn your fingers–I used a pen to poke it into the glue! Once the glue dries, it will keep your twine secure. Your twine loop will allow your gift recipient to hang it on their Christmas tree! For the “To Mom” tag, I placed the twine loop on one side, but for the “Merry Christmas” tag, I placed the twine loop in the middle.

When everything dries, you have a gift tag that’s ready for the perfect gift and the Christmas tree! You could even glue a child’s picture to the magazine rolls instead of the paper if you wanted to!Β I skipped the whole gift tag process and placed the “Merry Christmas” tag directly on my tree!

DIY gift tag

DIY gift tag

Isn’t it adorable? What’s not to love about it!? This project is colorful, fun, free, and it’s eco-friendly!

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