Handmade Holidays: Scrap Wood Snowmen

Do you woodwork? Chances are you have a box of leftover odds and ends of wood that can be turned into something cute for the holidays.

My husband has a huge box of wood pieces that he throws leftovers into after he’s done making a project. These pieces can range from tiny little scraps to half a two by four. But for some reason he had a bunch of pieces that were all about the same size left over from making something and we came up with these cute little snowmen.We used three pieces of wood with two being between two and three inches long and about an inch and a half wide and maybe a quarter to a half inch thick. Then we used a smaller piece, same width and depth, just a little shorter to fit in the middle.

Then we used pieces of Popsicle craft sticks for the brim of the hats on some snowmen, others he cut little slivers of scrap wood to use as the brims.

On the outer corner of each of the taller snowmen you’ll want to drill a small hole so you can run string, ribbon, or wire through to hang them.

Paint the snowmen before putting them together. Give them an all over good coat of white and let that dry.

Then paint your hats in the desired colors. Once all the paint is dry then glue the hat brims on the snowmen.

Now paint happy snowman faces on the wood. Let those dry.

Once all the paint is dry you can glue your snowmen together with wood glue, hot glue or any other adhesive you have on hand that will work on wood.

The two taller snowmen should be behind the small one. The outer edges of the lower corners of the small snowman should be glued to the bottom inner edges of the larger snowmen. So you have a staggered effect with the small snowman in front of the larger ones. And make sure your large snowmen with the holes on the edges are on the correct sides.

You want the drilled holes on the outer corners.

Once the glue dries you can run ribbon, string (something heavy like jute) or wire through the holes and hang up your snowmen. They make cute Christmas tree ornaments or can be hung on the wall.

They can be painted in any colors you choose and I bet if you tried you could create a custom family with three, four or even more snowmen to represent your family or perhaps a friend or relatives inner circle.

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  3. Very cute, easy and super idea. I can see kids getting a kick out of painting up a family for a gift.

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