15 Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

Handmade Gifts for Father's Day

Get Father’s Day on lock this year with one of these handmade Father’s Day gifts.

Get Father's Day on lock this year with one of these handmade Father's Day gifts.

Some of you have your own father to celebrate this year for Father’s Day, and from where I’m sitting this morning, that seems like it must be pretty awesome for you. I have a dead-beat biological father, sure, but my Pappa, who raised me, died in December, and so far this upcoming holiday seems like one more thing that’s going to suck without him.

See how I just brought the mood waaaaay on down there? Welcome to what it’s like to be with me!

And that right there is why I want to make this Father’s Day especially great for my husband and co-parent. He raises his own kids, he’s alive and right here with us, and you know what, Friends? That is something to freaking celebrate.

Handmade Gifts for Father's Day

So whether I’ve just brought you down to Crazytown with me and you’re stressing over the mortality of everyone you love, or you’re simply looking for tips to have a lovely Father’s Day without having to make a trip to Hallmark or Sears, here are some lovely tutes for handmade Father’s Day gifts. Some are things your kids can make, and some are things for you to tackle, but whichever it is, there’s definitely something here that a father that you know and love will love, too.

15 Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

Handmade Father's Day Gifts1. appliqued necktieCan his necktie be a little fancy?

2. bike seat coverIf you craft with felted wool, then you probably already know of its moisture-wicking properties that would make it a good choice here. Otherwise, polar fleece also has many of these same properties.

3. bookmarkThese are easy to customize–fun for kids to make, or fun for you to make really elaborate!

4. business card holderDoes the father in your life keep a stack of business cards? Here’s a great upcycled business card holder to make for him!

5. faux silk-screened tieEven if you don’t know how to silk-screen, you can make a tie that looks like it’s been silk-screened.

Handmade Father's Day Gifts6. felt coozieUse upcycled wool felt or Eco-fi recycled felt for this project.

7. homemade shaving creamThis recipe is so much smoother and better for you than the store-bought stuff.

8. leather belt braceletYou can embellish this bracelet using a wood burner or awl.

9. necktie eyeglass caseUpcycle an old tie into a new eyeglass case.

10. sheet music Father’s Day cardDoes the father in your life love music? He’ll also love this card, which is made from sheet music!

Handmade Father's Day Gifts11. tool box gift card holderSometimes the father in your life just needs a gift card. Maybe he’ll use it to replace those ratty sweatpants! With this tute, you can at least put that gift card in something cute and upcycled.

12. upcycled coupon bookYou know what the father in your life would probably love even more than something from Sears? He’d like this coupon book, in which you promise to do lots of great things.

13. vintage button tie tackSometimes ties don’t stay in place. With this upcycled tie tack, they will.

14. wooden dominoesThis would be an exceptionally thoughtful gift for a father who likes games, and it’s one that an older child could make with some help.

15. wool sweater slippers. Cut up that ugly sweater and make slippers from it!

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