Two Dozen Handmade Gifts for Quilters

gifts for quilters

What do you make for the person who always makes beautiful quilts for everyone else?

There are lots of things that a quilter would absolutely adore! And even better, you get the assurance that your gift will be loved and appreciated, because people who love to make things for others also LOVE to receive gifts handmade especially for them.

So check out this list of my favorite handmade gifts for quilters, below, and choose something that you think YOUR quilter would enjoy. Customize it with the fabrics and patterns that you think would appeal to them, add a fun graphic with a cute saying or an inside joke, and give it to them on the next holiday, knowing that you’re warming their heart as much as they warm yours whenever they make you something special, too.

Appliqued Sewing Machine Pillow

Perhaps your favorite quilter needs a little more back support, or maybe you just want them to have a fun, decorative reminder of their favorite hobby. This appliqued pillow is a lot more work than most of the other gifts on this list, but the result is absolutely beautiful!

Find it at All People Quilt

Appliqued Sewing Machine Pincushion

Here’s another sweet, appliqued sewing machine project, this time a pincushion! Modify either of these tutorials to make the sewing machines match, and you’ve basically got your next two holiday gifts covered.

Find it at All People Quilt

Pixie Basket

pixie basket
Photo Courtesy of Fabric Mutt

Anyone who sews will find these baskets endlessly useful. They can be used as thread catchers, or to keep the components of their WIPS together, or to hold the sewing supplies they use most often–the sky’s the limit!

Find it at Fabric Mutt

Crocheted Pincushion

This is a great gift to make in multiples to give to all your needle-based hobby friends!

Find it at Lilla Bjorn’s Crochet World

Crocheted Sewing Machine Cover

Use YOUR favorite hobby to support your favorite quilter’s favorite hobby! This is a fun gift to give in concert with a new sewing machine, of course, especially if you can get even more loved ones in on the game to include even more sewing accessories.

Find it at Mamachee Crochet Patterns

Crocheted Sewing Machine Pillow

The sewing machine on this pillow is adorable and would fit in perfectly in any quilter’s comfy space.

Find it at Sewrella

Device Stand

phone stand
Photo Courtesy of Factotum of Arts

For those quilters for whom sewing time is also podcast/audiobook/music time, give them a cozy place to keep their device secure and make it nice and accessible. For a bigger gift include a Bluetooth speaker.

Find it at Factotum of Arts

Fabric Photo Frame

Anyone who gives a handmade gift loves to know that it’s being enjoyed. Give your favorite quilter the best thank-you EVER with this handmade fabric photo frame, complete with a photo of their gift being loved on by its happy recipient.

Find it at Jennifer Fulton

Kitty Cat Needle Case

Is it a clichΓ© to assume that someone who quilts is also someone who loves cats? Maybe, but it’s also probably true! For a bigger gift, include a good set of hand-stitching needles.

Find it at Jennifer FultonK

Mason Jar Pincushions

mason jar pin cushion
Photo Courtesy of Doodlecraft

These types of pincushions are so handy because they provide a space to put the pins while you’re using them, and a space to store them between uses.

Find it at Doodlecraft

Knitted Fairy and Pincushion

Especially if your favorite quilter has ever wowed you with what they’ve accomplished, it’s time to wow THEM with your knitting!

Find it at Flutterby Patch

Knitted Sewing Kit

Even if your favorite quilter doesn’t do a lot of travel sewing, everyone still needs a little travel sewing kit in case of emergency clothing malfunctions. For a bigger gift, stock your sewing kit with all the little tools that it needs.

Find it at Ravelry

Magnetic Pin Dish

Here’s a great way to upcycle a beautiful thrifted dish while giving a quilter something very, VERY handy. Nobody likes it when the pins get lost!

Find it at Diary of a Quilter

Magnetic Pin Box

If your favorite quilter has cats or kids, this little magnetic pin keeper upcycled from an Altoids tin will keep pins even safer than the pin dish, above.

Find it at Tea Rose Home

Mini Design Board

A design board is just about THE most useful object a quilter can own, but alas, it’s huge! This miniature version is brilliant, because it’s the perfect size for mocking up a single quilt block. A quilter could use multiples of these to test different colorways of the same block. For a bigger gift, include a book of new quilting patterns and/or a fabric charm pack.

Mug Rug

Because a quilter’s coffee that they’ve forgotten about until it’s gone cold has to sit somewhere! Mug rugs are awesome, because they keep that cup safe and separate, and absorb any spills before they can touch any precious fabric. For a bigger gift, include a new coffee mug!

Find it at The Inquiring Quilter


Needlebooks are so endlessly useful that you could give a new one to a quilter for every holiday, and they’d never run out of uses for them. And because they’re little books, you could even embellish their covers to suit every one of those holidays! For a bigger gift, include a set of pins, especially ones with decorative heads that match the theme of your book.

Find it at Nana Company

Notebook Cover

diy notebook cover
Photo Courtesy of Crazy Little Projects

Every dedicated quilter ought to be keeping written notes of their design and construction processes, but it can be hard to remember to do that when you’re in the middle of a project! Make the habit much easier to follow by giving your favorite quilter their own design notebook, wrapped in a handmade notebook cover. For a bigger gift, include gel pins and post-it notes to make the process even easier.

Find it at Crazy Little Projects

Personalized Pins

You could make a full alphabet or numeral set of these to serve as quilt row markers, but I think it’s just as fun to make them spell out the recipient’s name. Pair these with any of the pincushions from this list for the perfect handmade gift!

Find it at My Fancy Nancy Life

Scissors Wall Pocket Storage

For those quilters who are lucky enough to be able to store their sewing scissors in sight without worrying that some other family member will use them unlawfully, wall pocket storage is VERY handy! For a bigger gift, include some fabric scissors.

Find it at Always Expect Moore

Teacup Pincushion

Especially if your favorite quilter loves tea, this pincushion will fit right in! I think it’s really fun to make these types of pincushions from cute teacups that I find in random thrift stores when I’m shopping for something else.

Find it at Diary of a Quilter

TV Tray Pressing Table

Here’s an easy furniture modification that results in the perfect small-size pressing station for the quilter without a ton of dedicated workspace. For a bigger gift, include a terrific iron.

Find it at Elizabeth Hartman

Wool Pincushion

Quilters don’t always work with a lot of wool, so a wool pincushion is not only beautiful, but it offers a good sensory break for quilters who have their hands constantly on cotton. For a bigger gift, include a good set of sturdy steel pins.

Find it at Diary of a Quilter

Zippered Pouch

zippered pouch
Photo Courtesy of Melly Sews

These are super handy for quilters in multiples, and in a few different sizes. A small pouch is awesome for keeping thread scissors safe, and larger pouches are perfect for keeping (and hiding from those who might use them for PAPER!!!!!) sewing scissors, fabric shears, second-best sewing scissors, pinking shears… you get the idea! For a bigger gift, include that new pair of awesome fabric scissors!

Find it at Melly Sews

Do you have a go-to gift for the quilters in your life or a favorite handmade gift that you especially loved to receive? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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