17 Crafty Things To Do with Pegboard

Make a Pegboard Cookie Cutter Holder

Make a Pegboard Cookie Cutter Holder

Pegboard is even more versatile than you thought it was! Whether you’ve got a full panel or just a few scraps leftover from your latest project, check out these crafty things to do with pegboard:

Make a Pegboard Cookie Cutter Holder1. cookie cutter organization. I put this pegboard cookie cutter organizer over my kitchen cabinets, because why were all of those pretty cookie cutters just stuffed into a drawer?!?

2. cross stitch pegboardSure, you can organize some stuff on it, but its main purpose is going to be to show off the beautiful cross stitch that you did–right on the pegboard!

3. doughnut pegboardI am totally making this for my next party. I don’t care what the theme is–it WILL have a doughnut pegboard!

4. drawer organizerI LOVE this idea–what you lose in the ability to wipe the surface down you gain in the ability to exactly customize your drawer interiors.

Make an Easy Hanging Planter5. easy hanging planterThe pre-drilled holes makes it easy to hang this planter made from a pegboard scrap.

6. floral backdropI think that this would make a lovely backdrop for portrait photography.

7. flower box centerpiecesThis would be easy to modify to use fresh flowers as well as faux ones.

8. freestanding pegboard displayHere’s another craft fair idea that’s light and easy to transport.

9. marble runKids will love building and playing with this. And bonus points–it uses empty paper towel tubes!

10. pan holderGet those bulky pans out of your cabinets and onto the wall.

11. pegboard boxThis box is ridiculously useful.

12. pinball machineAlong the lines of the marble run, this pinball machine is even more customizable for the busy kiddo.

13. Plinko boardI just need to tell you that Plinko is the BEST game ever.

14. spinning display rackIf you do craft fairs, you need one of these!

15. stenciled pegboardThis is soooo pretty!

16. thread rack. You can buy these from any big-box craft store, but this one is so much cheaper–and cuter!

17. wall artWhy try to organize anything with your pegboard? This one is pure art.

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