16 Great Nature Crafts for Summer

Nature Crafts for Summer

Have you and your kids hit a summer crafting slump? Try one of these awesome nature crafts for summer.

Have you and your kids hit a summer crafting slump? Get outside and get crafting with these great nature crafts for summer!
Get outside and get crafting with these great nature crafts for summer!

16 Nature Crafts for Summer

1. sandy handprintIf you’re headed to the beach, use the sand to make this sandy handprint that you can keep forever.

2. earth-encrusted candleIt’s too hot to make candles inside, so go outside and make them! Make them during the day, then light them in the evening after your neighborhood barbecue.

3. ice tunnelsThis is a fun way for little ones to cool off and play with colors. To keep them extra busy, give them some tools to hammer at the ice, as well.

4. leaf crownsYou might think of leaf crowns in the autumn, when the leaves are lovely colors, but they actually work best in the summer, when they’re green and supple.

5. macrame rock necklacesDo something special with your nature walk treasures.

Summer Nature Crafts

6. mason bee nestClear out some fallen wood AND make a habitat for some of our beneficial native insects!

7. mud paintKids love to play in the mud. Let them make some art while they’re at it!

8. raisinsMake raisins the old-fashioned way!

9. rock plant markersIf you haven’t already forgotten what you planted where, then label everything with these painted rock markers.

10. rose petal beadsAre your roses blooming yet?

11. sand volcanoesNo vinegar and baking soda needed!

12. branch weavingDid a summer thunderstorm knock a few branches into your yard? Turn them into this gorgeous weaving project! Use wool or cotton yarn for a completely natural craft, or weave in found objects and interesting things from your recycling bin.

13. seashell mobileAnd while you’re at the beach, pick up some shells to make this lovely mobile.

14. solar-dyed fabricLet the sun do all that hot work and dye your wool and silk for you.

15. solar stillHave you ever wondered how to purify water? Try it for yourself!

16. sun printsThe hot summer sun is perfect for making these sun prints.

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