Spotted: Recycled Chalkboard DIY Toys

Spotted: Recycled Chalkboard DIY ToysTurn bottles and canisters from your recycle bin into DIY toys for your children!

We adore chalkboard crafts and decor around here, so when I saw these recycled chalkboard toys at B-Inspired Mama, I was smitten! You can easily transform items from your recycle bin into awesome DIY toys for your kids. I love the versatility of the toys and how they encourage creativity! With a simple makeover, your children can draw faces on an old creamer container, or a car on recycled box. There are so many possibilities!

To make your own chalkboard DIY toys, you’ll need:

1. Clean recycled bottles or canisters

2. Chalkboard paint

3. Chalk

Can you believe that’s it? It’s super simple! Check out the full tutorial for Recycled Craft Chalkboard Toys at B-Inspired Mama!

[Photo via B-Inspired Mama]

1 thought on “Spotted: Recycled Chalkboard DIY Toys”

  1. Love this! I have to tuck this project away until Darrol stops putting everything into his mouth. I think he’d gnaw the paint right off of these right now. Babies!

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