Spotted: Grape and Toothpick Sculptures + 7 More Ways to Play with Food

Grape and Toothpick Sculptures

7 Ways to Play with Food

Need a snack that’s healthy and fun? Maybe one that inspires some creativity, lets kids practice their fine motor skills, and includes some secret STEM enrichment? Let your kid play with food!

These grape and toothpick sculptures from The Artful Parent let kids play with food while learning a lot. First, kids get to build with the grapes (while munching). Then, they get to incorporate the grapes into a thoughtful and creative art activity (while munching). Finally, they get to take their grape sculpture apart and munch it! Click over to the tute for the complete instructions.

This activity would also work great with cheese cubes, watermelon balls (messier), olives, pitted cherries, or any other small, sturdy food. I kinda want to incorporate all of those, now, and make my own very bizarre, very delicious snack.

7 More Educational Way to Play with Food

Have a kid who likes to play with food? Check out these additional projects and tutorials that make food crafting both fun AND delicious.

7 Ways to Play with Food1. bread sculpturesMy kids love to make monsters using this recipe, because they look even freakier after they’ve baked!

2. edible play doughSculpt something fun, and then chow down.

3. food art. Let the kids help you make cute scenes with fresh fruits and veggies, and then serve them up!

4. fruit and cheese dinosaursWe made this for a kids’ birthday party one year, and they were a BIG hit!

7 Ways to Play with Food5. natural food coloring. Dye your food fun colors without worrying about harmful chemicals.

6. rainbow yogurt popsInstead of using any food coloring here, let the kids experiment with stirring pureed fruits and veggies into the yogurt to dye it naturally. Blueberry blue yogurt and strawberry pink yogurt are a yummy combination!

7. tie-dyed cakeUse natural food coloring or pureed fruits and veggies to dye the cake batter for this recipe; the fun is in letting the kids spoon their own color combinations into the muffin tins, for vibrant, original cupcakes!

[grape and toothpick sculpture image via The Artful Parent]

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