How to Make a Chalkboard Easter Egg

Chalkboard Easter Egg

Chalkboard Easter Egg

This is one of the easiest Easter egg crafts that you can make, and one of the longest-lasting, too! You’ll love the ability to decorate your chalkboard Easter eggs in a different way every year. Heck, if you have kids, they’ll enjoy decorating these chalkboard Easter eggs in a different way every day!

To make the chalkboard Easter eggs, all you need are:

wooden or papier mache egg.Β These are commonly found at craft stores now. I like to avoid buying plastic eggs, but if you already have some on hand, you can use many kinds of chalkboard paint on plastic–check out the instructions on your paint for details.

chalkboard paint.Β Eco-friendly chalkboard paint does exist, but I haven’t personally tried it, as I’m still working through the 32-ounce can of Disney chalkboard paint that I bought years ago–that stuff really lasts! I’ve also not tried tinted or homemade chalkboard paints, but again, they do exist.

Chalkboard paint is super easy to apply. Yes, you can apply primer first, especially if you have primer tinted toward the color of chalkboard paint that you’re using, but for the particular wooden eggs in this project, some were unfinished new wood and some were previously painted white, so I didn’t bother with primer.

You’re also meant to use a foam brush or foam roller to apply your chalkboard paint, but with these small surfaces, I used a regular bristle paintbrush that I had on hand. I might have had to apply an extra coat or two over what I would have had to do with a foam brush, especially on that white egg, where my brush strokes showed up exceptionally well, but after four coats, even the white egg was covered cleanly, and the paint on such small surfaces dried quickly enough that the two extra coats weren’t a huge waste of time.

There are a lot of tutorials that tell you that you have to condition your chalkboard before you can really draw on it, but unless the instructions on the container of chalkboard paint call for this step, I don’t do it, and personally, my projects have never suffered from “ghosting” or any other of the ills said to be caused by lack of seasoning.

Chalkboard Easter Egg

I love these chalkboard Easter eggs because you can decorate them as elaborately as the Easter eggs that you see in children’s picture books. And if you used white or light brown chalkboard paint, the effect would be even more realistic!

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