21 DIY Baby Toys from Organic and Recycled Materials

DIY Baby Toys

What is it about babies that makes us want to shower them with gifts? I can’t resist cute baby things, but my inner green crafter tsks at those consumerist impulses. When I can I try to make things for my little guy instead of buying, and I bet that I’m not the only crafter that does that! Need some ideas for DIY baby toys to keep your kiddo entertained without hurting the planet? Try some of these tutorials!

DIY Baby Toys from Organic and Upcycled Materials

DIY Baby Toys from Organic & Recycled Materials

1. Toy Log Softie that Rattles

2. Bunny Crinkle Toy + printable template

3. Soft Rattle Blocks for Baby

4. Stuffies Made from Old Baby Clothing

5. Upcycled Baby Rattle

6. Upcycled Sweater Pals

7. Soothing Gremlin Softie

8. Felt Toy Truck

9. Quick Felt Board Playset

DIY Baby Toys from Organic and Upcycled Materials

10. Make a Crinkle Tag Toy

11. Cereal Box Lift-the-Flap Toy

12. Sensory Toy from an Old Wipes Container

13. Baby Sock Bunnies and Chicks

14. Sweater Scrap Balls and Blocks

15. Printed Scrap Ribbon Tag Toys

16. Mini Fabric Scrap Plush Alphabet

17. Turn a Thrift Store Board Book into a Personalized Baby Board Book

18. DIY Activity Board (choose scrap wood!)

19. T-Shirt Softies

20. Water Bottle Bowling Set

21. Juice Box Stacking Blocks

There’s one last baby toy that I couldn’t justify numbering on this list, but I also couldn’t bear to leave out: the cardboard box. My son loves climbing in and out of a cardboard box, throwing it, and pushing it around the room. It’s basically the best DIY baby toy ever.

Have you made any fun upcycled baby toys? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Image Credit: baby photo via Shutterstock. All other photos via Crafting a Green World

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