Minecraft Party Games: Spawn Egg Hunt (with Spawn Egg Cascarones!)

Minecraft Party Games: Spawn Egg Hunt and Spawn Egg Cascarones

This Spawn egg hunt is one of the Minecraft party games I created for my daughter’s Minecraft birthday party.

This Spawn egg hunt is one of the Minecraft party games I created for my daughter's Minecraft birthday party.

Kids love an egg hunt. Even when it’s not Easter, they LOVE an egg hunt.

I’ve played this concept out in several children’s birthday parties over the years, and it’s always been a big hit. One year I had kids hunting dinosaur eggs (otherwise known as painted personal watermelons) at a Dinosaur Party. Another year I had them hunting treasure (otherwise known as painted rocks) at a Dragon Party, and I did it again for the Pirate Party.

And seriously, big or small, the kids always LOVE it.

For my ten-year-old’s Minecraft birthday party this spring, one of the Minecraft party games was a Spawn egg hunt, with a secret: Spawn eggs hatch, of course, and so did these Spawn eggs–into cascarones!

The kids and I made this Spawn egg hunt game entirely with the supplies that we had on hand, using not only mostly natural or recycled materials but also materials that would easily compost back into our yard (no clean-up necessary!!!). It was easy to do, free to make, and also?

The kids LOVED it.

Minecraft Party Games: Spawn Egg Hunt and Spawn Egg Cascarones

To make your own Spawn egg cascarones, you will need:

eggs. We have pet chickens, so sourcing three dozen free-range, organic-fed, SUPER spoiled chicken eggs was no. Big. Deal.

egg dye. I try to use natural food coloring for my food crafting, but I always have some conventional liquid food coloring on hand for craft projects. If you don’t own it, I bet that you could use liquid watercolors, or you could paint this base coat, as well, although that would be more time consuming than dyeing.

confetti. An entire issue of Consumer Reports went into the making of these Spawn egg cascarones. The eggs could have held a lot more confetti than that, but they still had enough in them to be fun. If you’ve got access to a good shredder, you’re probably all set, but if not, get out your hole punch and check your recycling bin!

tissue paper and glue. We have a set of these little tissue paper squares, and they’re actually endlessly useful. We used plain school glue and a little paintbrush with them.

paint. Acrylic paint adds the detail that lets everyone know that these are Spawn eggs.

Minecraft Party Games: Spawn Egg Hunt and Spawn Egg Cascarones

1. Empty out the eggs. Tap the bottom of each egg until it cracks, then pick away enough of the shell that you can dump the egg out. My quart-sized Mason jars were each able to hold a dozen eggs, and we ate plenty of omelettes and also a lovely quiche that week!

Rinse the empty eggshells in hot water.

2. Dye the eggs. Before you start, you should know the correct color combinations for Spawn eggs. My kid was in charge of this, so here’s her list:

Minecraft Party Games: Spawn Egg Hunt and Spawn Egg Cascarones

Dye the Spawn eggs just like you do Easter eggs, making sure that you’re using the correct base coat colors:

Minecraft Party Games: Spawn Egg Hunt and Spawn Egg Cascarones

And yes, you CAN dye brown eggs!

Let the dyed eggs dry completely, inside and out, before you start the next step.

3. Make the cascaronesAt this point, you should have a collection of brightly-colored, hollow eggshells. Fill each egg with several pinches of confetti (you might be tempted to put in small prizes, but don’t put in ANYTHING hard), and then look at how pretty they are!

Minecraft Party Games: Spawn Egg Hunt and Spawn Egg Cascarones

4. Seal the openings. To do this, simply paint a thin layer of white glue around the edges of each opening, and then smooth a square of tissue paper down over the hole:

Minecraft Party Games: Spawn Egg Hunt

5. Paint on the details. Using acrylic paints and small paintbrushes, my kids painted on the spots that embellish each Spawn egg:

Minecraft Party Games: Spawn Egg Hunt and Spawn Egg Cascarones

Let them dry again, and then you’re good to go!

Minecraft Party Games: Spawn Egg Hunt and Spawn Egg CascaronesHow to Play the Game: Before the party begins, hide the Spawn eggs in a part of the yard that the children won’t access until the hunt. When it’s time for the hunt, you can organize it in two different ways, either every kid for herself, in which each kid finds what she finds, or as a collaboration, in which you tell the children how many Spawn eggs there are, and challenge them collectively to find them all. We did the latter, with three egg cartons placed in a central location to help us keep track.

Before the children begin, remind them that Spawn eggs are delicate, of course, and so they must be careful not to crush them. They’ll crush a couple, anyway, because they’ll be so excited, but hopefully most will stay intact.

After the hunt is complete (there are still three Spawn eggs hidden somewhere in our yard, sigh…), have the kids gather around you and the Spawn eggs, and tell them that, of course, Spawn eggs have to hatch so that they can spawn what’s inside.

How do they hatch?

Show them! Smash a Spawn egg onto the top of your head, and shower yourself in confetti.

They should be able to take it from there.

After this game, a couple of the politest little kids at the party expressed concern that we’d littered our yard, and so I was pretty stoked to tell them that these eggshells and tiny bits of paper would get decomposed into the lawn with no problem. The eggshells are actually good for the grass!

And that’s how you can get a bunch of kids to feed your lawn as a party game.

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