30+ Halloween Crafts from Recycled Materials

Halloween Craft from Recycled Materials: 30 Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Craft from Recycled Materials: 30 Halloween Party Ideas

Keep your Halloween green, Friends, with these 32 Halloween crafts from recycled materials!

Halloween Crafts from Recycled Materials1. balancing batThis is a cool craft project or fun party activity made from cardboard.

2. button batUse this bat, upcycled from buttons and stash ribbon, as a decoration or turn it into a brooch.

3. button ghostYou know you’ve got more white buttons than you know what to do with.

4. cardboard tombstoneScore a great big box, and you can make a ton of these!

5. chalkboard maskPut on a new costume every day with this endlessly customizable mask, made from upcycled cardboard.

6. dryer sheet ghostDo you still use the occasional dryer sheet? Upcycle them into ghosts before you toss them!

7. fabric scrap garland. Bust lots of stash with this project, and pull it out year after year to enjoy.

Halloween Crafts from Recycled Materials: DIY Halloween Decorations: Frankenstein Bottle8. Frankenstein’s monster bottleDrink some bubbly? A champagne bottle is the perfect shape to make Frankenstein’s monster!

9. ghosts in a jarTo turn this into a kid craft or one suitable for a party, use empty peanut butter jars instead of old Mason jars.

10. glass jar luminariesThis is one craft project that you’re going to want to display year after year.

11. hood from a Maya wrapThe best costumes are the ones that you make from stuff that you already have around the house.

12. jar lid spiderYou’ve got more jar lids than you do jars. Make some of them into spiders!

Halloween Crafts from Recycled Materials13. kickboard tombstoneIs your kid OVER her old kickboard? Make it into your brand-new yard decoration instead!

14. milk jug ghostsThose gallon milk jugs take up a TON of room in the recycling bin! Give your recycling a break from them for a few weeks while you enjoy these ghosts, instead.

15. monster bread tagsUse these in kids’ lunchboxes, or to close treat bags.

16. monster headbandThis tutorial uses any old headband to make an all-new Halloween accessory.

17. mummified glass jar candle holderThis upcycled jar candle holder is super versatile–put in a regular candle or an electric light.

18. potion bottlesThis is the best way to upcycle old pill bottles that I’ve ever seen.

19. puzzle piece pumpkinYou know you’ve got at least one puzzle with a missing piece in it. Give it new life by turning it into a pumpkin, instead!

20. salvaged moon lightJust between us–this is the coolest project on the list! Turn a salvaged globe light into this amazingly spooky moon light. Replace your regular fixture just for the party, or keep it up all month.

Halloween Crafts from Recycled Materials: DIY Halloween Decorations: Drunken Farmer21. scarecrowSet this up on your porch to scare the kiddies, then donate the clothes–or put them back into your closet!

22. stenciled Mason jar lanternThis craft gives you the same luminary look but without nearly as much effort.

23. terracotta pot pumpkinsCleaning out the garden shed? Upcycle some old pots into these seasonal candy holders!

24. tin can bowlingYou can make this Halloween party game entirely from upcycled materials.

25. tin lanternYou can always use a little more light when trick-or-treating–especially if it’s spooky light!

26. tin can pumpkinsThese are super cute and easy to make from old cans.

27. toilet paper tube bat. You can actually hang these bats, so feel free to make a ton and put them in all the creepy places.

28. toilet paper tube candlesTurn tea lights into creepy, very dangerous-looking candles!

29. toilet paper tube candy holders. These candy holders are an easy way to package party favors or class treats.

30. toilet paper tube spider stampsKids are all about the spooky crafts at Halloween. Here’s a way to make some of their crafting a little easier for them.

31. upcycled jar mummyThis mummy doesn’t use paint, so it’s even easier to get the jar back into the recycling bin on November 1.

32. wood pallet pumpkinIn the off-season, it’s a coat rack!

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