DIY Spooky Ghost Garland from Old Dryer Sheets

DIY Spooky Ghost Garland from Old Dryer Sheets

Too early for Halloween crafts? NO WAY!

Dryer Sheet Craft: Spooky Ghost Garland from Old Dryer Sheets

I admit, I actually thought it was waaaay too early to pull out my creepy-craft list. But then I saw Halloween candy at the grocery store. And then I saw Halloween decor being stocked at some of the big box stores too. So I guess I’m actually a little late to the game?

Either way, if you make one or two DIY ghosts a week from now until October, you should have plenty to make an entire DIY Halloween garland. You could also make them all at once, but I like the idea of spacing out this dryer sheet craft. It gives you lots of time to collect used dryer sheets!

DIY Ghost Garland Dryer Sheet Craft


+ used dryer sheets – If you don’t use them, ask friends to save them for you! If you’re concerned with chemicals in dryer sheets, don’t worry! There are safer ones out there, like these from Seventh Generation.
+ white school glue
+ sponge brush
+ googly eyes
+ thread
+ old water bottle


1. Lay your dryer sheet out flat. You can fray the edges of your dryer sheets at this point, if you want. That will give your ghost sort of a tattered, worn appearance.

2. Paint on a coat of glue. Flip over and cover the other side too.

3. Place on top of a water bottle and mold into ghost shape. If you’d like, you can do two or three layers of dryer sheets. This makes for a very sturdy ghost.

4. Let dry overnight.

5. Once your ghost is hardened, pull him off the bottle. He should pop right off, but if he doesn’t – just use a little muscle. And make sure the glue is totally dry!

6. With a sewing needle, add thread (for hanging) through the head of your goblin.

7. Glue on googly eyes.

What do I do with my ghost?

  • Hang him from a window.
  • Decorate your Halloween tree with your ghosts.
  • This one is my favorite idea – tie the ghosts to one long string to form a DIY ghost garland! You can hang your garland from the mantle or from a window. Either one looks great!

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