Make a No-Sew Hood from a Babywearing Wrap

Make a No-Sew Hood from a Babywearing Wrap

Make a No-Sew Hood from a Babywearing Wrap

You don’t need a sewing machine to turn your kid into a vampire, assassin, young Jedi, ranger, or any other hooded creatures this Halloween.

All you need is a wrap used for babywearing, and you’ll have this no-sew hood configured in no time.

This costume works best on a medium-sized kid–mine is ten–but although the babywearing wrap may seem like too much fabric even for a ten-year-old, the material itself is quite light and stretchy, and so your kid will be able to wear her no-sew hood without feeling like she’s carrying too much weight or like she’s wrapped up like a mummy (unless it’s the mummy look that you’re going for. You can also achieve that with a babywearing wrap!).

NOTE: These wraps are most often used to wear younger babies, so start by asking the parents of the littlest critters that you know and work your way up. I guarantee that someone’s got one!

Make a No-Sew Hood

Make a No-Sew Hood from a Babywearing Wrap

1. Hold the wrap up and find the center.

2. Place the center of the wrap on top of the kid’s head. Adjust the material forward or back to alter the depth of the hood.

3. Cross the ends of the wrap under the kid’s chin.

4. Throw each end of the wrap over the kid’s shoulders.

5. Cross the wrap behind the kid’s back, then cross again in front. Depending on how long the wrap is, you may need to repeat this step a couple of times.

6. Tie the wrap in the back.

If your kid happens to have some play clothes that match the look that she’s going for, then those, the wrap, and some face paint may be all that you’ll need for her entire costume. Considering that I also have another child who spent, literally, DAYS sewing her own Tinkerbell dress from scratch and constructing her own Tinkerbell wings from wire hangers and clear cellophane, I have to say that this kid’s idea of a minimalist but totally workable costume is utterly refreshing.

If nothing else, it gave me plenty of time to talk my other kid out of cutting her hair into bangs, JUST because Tinkerbell has bangs and how can her Tinkerbell costume be perfect without bangs?


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    1. It’s still there, for your own Halloween photo shoot!

      My plan is to one day bribe the Freemans into letting me play with their marquee and put all kinds of random words up for people to pose by and get their picture taken. I think it would be an interesting art project, or a fundraiser for something.

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