Halloween Crafts: Upcycle a Bottle into Frankenstein

Halloween Crafts from Recycled Materials: DIY Halloween Decorations: Frankenstein Bottle

Halloween Crafts: Upcycle a Bottle into FrankensteinSearching for Halloween crafts that are easy to make and use materials that you have on hand? Look no further!

A friend gave me a green glass bottle to upcycle into a craft project and it immediately made me think of Frankenstein. I transformed the bottle into a Frankenstein that’s a little scary, but still playful enough for the little ones!

What You Will Need:

1. A green bottle. If you don’t have a green bottle, you could paint a glass bottle or jar. Instead of using acrylic paint, though, consider using Blick’s eco-friendly tempera paint.

2. A black permanent marker

3. Recycled cardboard

4. Hot glue/hot glue gun

How To Do It:

1. Clean your bottleΒ or jar and remove any of the labels. If your label won’t budge, check out this tutorial on how to easily remove labels from glass jars.

Halloween Crafts: Upcycle a Bottle into Frankenstein

2. With your permanent marker, draw Frankenstein’s hair and face onto the bottle. If you aren’t great at drawing (like me), try searching for a Frankenstein image online to imitate or, ask your awesome roommate to do it (like I did)!

Halloween Crafts: Upcycle a Bottle into Frankenstein

3. Color your cap. This is an optional step, but I felt like the original gold cap took away from Frankenstein’s face. Coloring it black allowed it to blend into his “hair.”

Halloween Crafts: Upcycle a Bottle into Frankenstein

4. For Frankenstein’s bolts, cut two bolt shapes out of your recycled cardboard. Add a little extra cardboard to the length of the bolts– you’ll find out why in the next step!

5. Bend the end of the bolts a little– this is how you will attach the bolts to the side of the bottle. With your hot glue gun, glue the bolts to the bottle.

Halloween Crafts: Upcycle a Bottle into Frankenstein

What do you think? If you use several larger jars, you could put an eco-friendly candle inside each one, lighting the way to your door on Halloween night. They could also be a cool decoration for a green Halloween party.Β The possibilities are endless for Frankenstein!

If you want to see even more green Halloween ideas, check out our Fall/Halloween Pinterest board!

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