DIY Halloween Costume: Monster Headband

DIY Monster Headband
Turn an old headband into a quick and easy DIY Halloween costume using items you already have in your crafts stash.

Turn an old headband into a quick and easy DIY Halloween costume using items you already have in your crafts stash.

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! But I admit,I don’t really get into the dress-up part. So instead of a full costume, I usually end up putting my effort into one creative thing – like a cool mask or a cape of some sort. I do just enough to prove that I’m not a party-pooper!
This year, I plan to WOW everyone with my monster headband. It’s a good mix of found items and a few craft staples. Trust me, this DIY Halloween costume will only take you a few minutes to put together – but people will be talking about it all night.


  • Headband
  • Ribbon
  • Ping pong balls
  • Fun fur
  • Giant googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Straws
  • Glue gun

DIY Halloween Costume


  1. Swipe an old headband from your daughter, niece, grandchild or friend. You know she’s got plenty. Just don’t take her favorite. If there are any bows or attachments on the headband, rip those off.
  2. Put a little hot glue onto the headband and wrap your ribbon around the entire thing. I used green ribbon because my monster is GREEN!
  3. While your headband and ribbon dry, glue the giant googly eyes on the ping pong balls. Then wrap a little fun fur around the ping pong ball, but don’t cover the googly eyes. Secure with more hot glue.
  4. Insert a pipe cleaner into a straw. There should be an inch or two of pipe cleaner hanging out of the straw. If you’re straw is too long, just cut it down to size.
  5. Attach the straw to the headband by winding the dangling pipe cleaner around the headband. If it doesn’t feel sturdy, add a few dabs of hot glue.
  6. Attach the eyeball to the top of the straw with hot glue. Make as many eyeballs as you want!

Even though monster eyeballs are the absolute coolest thing ever, you could also use the same technique to make insect antennas. Just leave off the googly eyes.

These headbands are awesome for lazy adults like me, or for kids who don’t want to wear masks. (And it’s a lot safer than a mask.)

Happy Halloween!

DIY Halloween Costume



Written by Crunchy Scott

I'm a self-proclaimed eco-geek. I'm also a flexitarian foodie, a crunchy crafter and an eco-journalist. And if it's awesomely 80s, I'm into it. Oh, and I wrote a kids book too! Find me on and . Wow, I'm everywhere! So come find me.

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