26 Upcycled Christmas Crafts

upcycled Christmas crafts

Look no further than the recycling bin for your next Christmas craft project--you can make any of these 26 upcycled Christmas crafts from recycling, stash, scraps, and even trash!

Look no further than the recycling bin for your next Christmas craft project–you can make any of these 26 upcycled Christmas crafts from recycling, stash, scraps, and even trash!

1. 3D bookpage starHere’s your new tree topper!

26 Upcycled Christmas Crafts2. 12 Days of Christmas Advent calendarSeriously, who has time for a 25-day Advent calendar!?! In this tute, Scott solves the problem, and he upcycles old containers to do it!

3. cereal box ornamentsThese ornaments, decorated with embossed aluminum foil, make a great kid craft.

4. Christmas tree T-shirt with vintage button ornamentsI love putting my kids into holiday clothes, but there’s no way that I’m going to buy them a T-shirt that they can’t even really wear after Christmas. This shirt, however, is made from a T-shirt already in your kid’s closet. And it’s adorable.

5. cookie cutter ornamentsDo you have any vintage cookie cutters that you’re afraid to use? You can give them a whole new life as ornaments!

6. crayon drip ornamentStubs of crayon absolutely transform these clear glass ornaments.

7. giant cardboard Christmas treeDon’t want an ordinary Christmas tree this year? This cardboard version is amazing!

26 Upcycled Christmas Crafts8. glass bottle Santa ClausWeather got you stuck indoors? Here’s a fun little Christmas craft to keep you occupied.

9. junk mail snowflakesJunk mail is surprisingly beautiful in snowflake form.

10. kid-sized cardboard gingerbread houseYou are just one giant box away from absolutely thrilling your kid.

11. leftover rice ornamentI promise that it doesn’t actually *look* like leftover rice.

12. light bulb ornamentA hollowed-out light bulb makes a surprisingly beautiful Christmas ornament.

26 Upcycled Christmas Crafts13. melted crayon ornamentRecycled crayons aren’t just for drawing!

14. newspaper ornamentWho knew that decoupaged newspaper could make such a beautiful background for an ornament?

15. plastic bottle iciclesNobody is ever going to guess that these icicles came from old plastic bottles.

16. recycled paper gift holderThis is a great way to package party treats, especially.

26 Upcycled Christmas Crafts17. Scrabble tile ornamentHave an incomplete set of Scrabble letters? Not. A. Problem.

18. soda can starsBe mindful of sharp edges, but these stars are worth it.

19. toilet paper tube poinsettiaYou can do ANYTHING with a toilet paper tube.

20. toilet paper tube snowflakesRotational symmetry has never been so fun!

21. T-shirt tree skirtRemember all those holiday-themed T-shirts that you somehow ended up with anyway? Make them into a tree skirt, and keep them forever.

upcycled CD ornamentThose CDs were scratched, anyway. Break them up and make these ornaments!

22. used sandwich bag ornamentIt’s weird, I’ll give you that, but I guarantee that it works.

26 Upcycled Christmas Crafts23. vintage brooch ornamentTHIS is what you do with all those brooches that your grandmother left you!

24. vintage button signYou can use up some of the thousands of vintage white buttons in your stash. Or am I the only one with thousands of vintage white buttons?

25. vintage wrapping paper Christmas treesThat beautiful paper that you’ve been hoarding forever? Put it on display, so that everyone can enjoy it!

26. woven star ornamentsUpcycle corrugated cardboard to make a sturdy base for these ornaments.

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