Recycled “Mitten” Gift Holder

Recycled "Mitten" Gift Holder

This week I searched Pinterest to find a cute way to give small gifts this Christmas. I saw several projects of the traditional laced mittens and laced stockings, and thought it would be great for small items!Β  I simply added an eco-friendly twist by using book pages. If you want to impress your co-workers with a cute gift, or dress up that gift card for a friend, this is the perfect project for you!

What You Will Need:

1. Book pages or other recycled paper

2. Scissors

3. A pencil

4. Ribbon or twine. You could even use hemp twine!

5. A hole punch

How To Do It:

1. Trace your hand onto your book page to form your mitten.

Recycled "Mitten" Gift Holder

2. Then, cut it out. You will need two pages for both sides of your mitten.

Recycled "Mitten" Gift Holder

3. Put the two sides together. Then, punch holes around the edges. I didn’t have a hole punch, but I improvised with a nail!

Recycled "Mitten" Gift Holder

4. Lace your ribbon/twine through the holes. Leave a little bit of slack at the beginning and the end of your mitten so that you can tie it off like so:

Recycled "Mitten" Gift Holder

Now you can put your gift inside the mitten! You could place candy, a gift card, or another small item inside! You could also use it as a silverware holder like my recycled utensil holder for Thanksgiving. What would you put inside? Share your ideas below!

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