Holiday Craft: Toilet Paper Tube Poinsettia Ornament

Holiday Craft: Poinsettia ornament

I feel like every holiday craft should be kid-friendly! There’s nothing better than sitting around a table withΒ young minds and hands and crafting up some holiday cheer. This poinsettia ornament is the kinda craft that will inspire your entire fam to do just that because it’s super-simple and easy enough for even the youngest elf to tackle.

Before we get started, here’s a little Poinsettia 101. I’m not showing off my plant-smarts here, I just want to make sure you know what’s what so this tutorial makes sense.

The red part of the poinsettia is a leaf. It’s not the petal of a flower. In this craft, I will refer to them as the leaf. And those tiny yellow bud-looking things inside of the poinsettia are actually the flowers. Sometimes people mistake them for seeds. So there…that wasn’t so hard. Now let’s get to it!

Holiday Craft: Poinsettia Ornament

Here’s what you need:

  • toilet paper tubes
  • red craft paint
  • yellow craft paint
  • dried beans
  • craft glue
  • glue gun (optional)
  • red and gold glitter (optional)
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • String

Holiday Craft: Poinsettia Ornament

Here’s how you put it all together:

  1. Flatten out the toilet paper tube. Click here for another awesome TP tube craft!
  2. If you’re an eye-ballin’ kinda crafter, then simply cut the tube into rings. Just make sure the rings are about the same width. If you like to measure, then 3/4 inch makes the perfect sized ring for this holiday craft. You will need five rings for one poinsettia.


  1. Paint the rings red. I paint the inside of the ring first and then let that dry for about ten minutes. Then I paint the outside and let that portion dry for about ten minutes too. The paint actually stiffens up the cardboard, making it a sturdier ornament.
  2. Once everything is dry, punch a hole in the top of one of your rings. This will be the top leaf of your ornament.

Holiday Craft: Poinsettia ornament

  1. Paint glue onto one side of your ring and then shake on some red glitter. The glitter is completely optional. I only add glue and glitter to 3/4 of the length. This will make it easier to glue the rings together later. Let the glittered side dry and then do the other side. Repeat this for all the other rings. If you’re feeling extra sparkly – glue and glitter the inside of the rings too.
  2. Glue the rings together at the base of each ring – that’s the part that doesn’t have any glitter on it. The five rings should form a flower. You can also use a glue gun for this.


  1. Put a few dried beans into a plastic baggie. Add some yellow craft paint and shake until the beans are covered. Let them dry on a piece of wax paper. You might want to do two coats.

Holiday Craft: Poinsettia ornament

  1. Paint craft glue onto the beans and shake on some gold glitter. Let them dry completely before gluing them to the poinsettia.
  2. Add string to the leaf with the hole punched out and hang on your tree.

Need some tips for taking care of your real poinsettia? Check out this video for all you need to know!
Holiday Craft: Poinsettia Ornament

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