28 Eco-Friendly DIY Fall Wreaths To Make

A fall wreath is a festive way to transition your home out of beachy, sunglasses mode and into warmth and coziness, sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. Check out my list of ideas for fall wreaths that will make you glad that winter is coming!

1. Upcycled sheet music pennant-embellished wreathTransform any plain wreath into a fall-themed one with this easy add-on using old sheet music.

How to Make a Fall Wreath from an Old Wreath Form

2. Burlap and lace wreath. Burlap appears to be THE thing for making a wreath look autumn appropriate, as so many of these fall wreaths incorporate it. Here, it combines with lace and fabric accents.

3. Felt flower-embellished wreathI LOVE this method of making flowers–so simple, so easy to use with any non-fray fabric. You could even do this with cardboard or newspaper!

4. Fresh sage wreathTake advantage of harvesting lots of herbs when they’re fresh, and make a wreath that is both beautiful and useful.


5. Felt leaf wreathYou can cut the leaves for this wreath from either natural wool felt or Eco-fi recycled plastic felt.

6. Paint-edged pine cone wreathThis wreath would make a terrific kid craft, particularly for a club or Girl Scout troop. And it’s super pretty!

7. Wood and burlap wreathYou can saw the wood by hand from any piece of dried wood; I think it looks perfect completely natural, but at the same time I also want to see it with every piece sanded and stained!

8. Paper leavesYou can use any type of paper for this wreath, either choosing out autumn-themed colors or dyeing white paper with liquid watercolors or diluted paint.

9. Bohemian feather wreathYour kid always bringing home found feathers? This is a great way to display them!

10. Corn tassel wreathWho would have thought that the lowly corn tassel could make such a fluffy, fun wreath?

11. Fallen twig wreathGot any fallen branches in your yard? We just had hurricane remnants blow through, so you can be that WE do! You’ve got to pick up your yard, anyway, so you might as well grab the pruning shears and the hemp cord and make yourself this beautiful wreath!

12. Indian corn wreathPut your farmer’s market haul on display in a colorful way!


13. Popcorn kernel wreathWho says that popcorn is only a good decoration for the Christmas tree?

14. Pussy willow wreathSo many wreath tutorials call for fake flowers and greenery when it isn’t really necessary; this tutorial, however, calls for real pussy willow, and you’ll for sure be able to tell the difference.

15. Acorn wreathThis is the perfect natural wreath! Use a cardboard or straw wreath base, and when the season is over, simply toss the wreath into a likely spot in your yard for the squirrels to find.

Nature Crafts for Autumn

16. Candy corn wreathI love the subtle reference to Halloween candy that this wreath makes. Keep it classy with plain colors, or make it more whimsical by using prints in the correct colors.

17. Miniature pumpkin wreathYes, this tutorial uses REAL miniature pumpkins to make a wreath. Get ready to do a lot of wire wrapping!

18. Ribbon wreathDo you find it impossible to throw away ribbon scraps, just in case you find a use for them? You’ll be thrilled to use up your ribbon scraps with this ribbon wreath!


19. Scrap fabric wreathThis particular wreath is made using strips of a drop cloth, so it’s a lovely neutral color, but I don’t mind if you want to go wild with your fabric stash!

20. Scarecrow wreathUpcycld outgrown children’s jeans into this scarecrow wreath that’s a non-scary way to transition into Halloween.

21. Upcycled book page wreathThis wreath is made from rosettes formed from old book pages. It’s surprisingly easy to make, because you can freehand all of the rosettes.

22. Copper pipe wreathIt’s very likely that somewhere nearby–perhaps in your garage, or perhaps in a neighbor’s garage–there are some copper pipe scraps that nobody wants. And copper pipe is the PERFECT color for autumn! I don’t love faux flowers, so personally, I’d embellish this wreath with fall leaves dipped in beeswax, but hey–you do you.


23. Cinnamon stick wreathThis wreath is going to smell amazing!

24. Burlap bubble wreathThis wreath has a different look than the other fabric wreaths on this list–the way that the burlap is tied makes it super cute and puffy!

25. Pine cone wreathI don’t love the idea of using a styrofoam wreath form, but perhaps you have an old one that you can upcycle, or a pool noodle to repurpose.

26. Pompom wreathSince you choose the yarn, you can choose any color scheme you’d like for this pompom wreath.


27. Twig and fabric rosette wreathThe wreath almost looks like a sun, with the twigs as the sun’s rays and yellow rosettes. It’s lovely as is, but you can get a completely different effect by changing out the color of fabric.

28. Yarn-wrapped wreathThis is a GREAT project to use up any yarn scraps that you have in suitable autumn colors.

Have any other great tips for DIY, eco-friendly fall wreaths? Tell me about them in the Comments below!

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