Green Tea Party

Trixie CupI’m an Earl Grey fan myself, and the best kinds, bar-none, are in loose form. Having tried just about every reusable gadget out there for steeping, I have yet to find anything superior to the paper bag filter. Mesh balls are cute, but I like my peanut butter chunky, not my tea. What is the eco-crafty beverage enthusiast to do?

I’m going to create my own reusable muslin tea bag, thanks to this excellent tutorial over at Craft Leftovers! How brilliantly simple. I might add a few glass beads from my stash to the tie strings. Oh, but let’s not stop there…

Did you know you can even DIY the tea itself? Yes, we’ve dabbled our way into gardening here, but I find that a natural by-product of craftiness. Reusable Tea BagSometimes it’s nice to see things pretty much make themselves. All domestic tea comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. The classification of white, green, or black is determined by when it is harvested and how it’s processed. Check out “How to Grow & Harvest Your Own Green Tea” over at Gomestic for advice on getting started.

For you “zinger” fans, there’s also an herbal tea garden guide on WikiHow. Utilizing organic growing methods in your own backyard or container garden eliminates your personal footprint in the processing, shipping and packaging waste associated with commercial brands.

To complete the “green” tea trifecta, you’ll need the perfect cup. Here is where I would splurge on an amazing revamped piece by Trixie Delicious! She scours thrift stores to create her “vandalized vintage” ceramics. Indeed, socially unacceptable tableware always puts a smile on my face.

When I’ve drank so much tea that my beloved china is stained brown, it might be a good time to make a bird feeder out of it a-la instructions by the adorable P. Allen Smith.

Armed with all this advice, you should be well equipped to throw an Earth-friendly tea party fit for Mad Hatters and March Hares alike.

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