Autumn Craft Idea: How to Make an Acorn Wreath

Nature Crafts for Autumn

Autumn Craft Idea: Acorn Wreath

Looking for an autumn craft idea? Turn acorns into a wreath!

I love projects that are super simple, yet have a huge impact. This autumn acorn wreath is definitely one of those projects! Phase one involves the kids, which is always fun. Phase two involves binge watching the Real Housewives and a glass of wine. And phase three is all about making your neighborsΒ  jealous by showing off your crafty work. (Not all your neighbors. Just the ones who think your holiday decorations are “too much”. You know the ones I’m talking about.)

Autumn Wreath Materials

+ acorns

+ colander

+ cookie sheet

+ tin foil

+ wine and a Real Housewives marathon (optional, but recommended)

+ glue gun and hot glue sticks

+ wreath form – store bought straw wreath or a doughnut shape cut from reclaimed cardboard

+ ribbon for hanging

Step 1: Hunt for Acorns

In my neighborhood, acorns are not hard to find. As a matter of fact, they’re falling so hard right now they’ll bonk you in the noggin if you’re not careful. You can practically hold up a bucket and watch them leap in there. If most of your acorns have already fallen, this is a great project for the kiddos. Give them a small container to collect their acorns with, and then have a “master bucket” where they can dump them. Trust me – having individual, small containers for each child will cut down on spills and crying episodes.

Autumn Craft Idea: Acorn Wreath

Step 2: Separate &Β  Wash

Don’t let those kids off the hook just yet. We need PRETTY acorns for this autumn wreath. So that means we (the kids) have to sort through that big old bucket and toss out the cracked acorns. You’ll also need to pitch the acorns that have started to sprout. Once that’s done, they need to be washed. I usually grab a colander from the kitchen, fill it up with acorns and rinse them off with a garden hose. Put them in a big towel to get rid of excess moisture. That beach towel you still haven’t put away will work perfectly.

Step 3: Bake. Yes, I said BAKE!

Even though your acorns look picture perfect by this point, there could be some creepy-crawlies living inside of them. So vegetarians, close your ears. Spread your acorns onto a cookie sheet lined with foil and bake in a 200 degree oven for 30 minutes. This will keep the shell nice and hard on the outside, and…well, you know what it’ll do to anything living on the inside.Β  Let the acorns cool down completely before you get crafting.

Step 4: Wine, Housewives & a Gun (A GLUE GUN!)

Pour a glass of wine. Find a Real Housewives marathon. And fire up your glue gun. It’s time to embrace the spirit of autumn. I use a straw wreath. They’re only a few bucks. You could also make a form out of heavy cardboard if you’re really trying to keep costs down. If you absolutely MUST use a polystyrene form, be sure to paint it brown or the white will show through.

Step 5: Go “Nuts”

There is absolutely ZERO science to adding your acorns. You can choose to add them in rows or you can add them in a random pattern. Both look freakin’ awesome. It’s best to work in small increments. Slather a little hot glue on one section, add a few acorns and then move to another section. Even a small autumn wreath can take a few hours. But it’s what I call “brain break” work. It’s like you’re getting something accomplished, yet you’re also relaxing your mind. (And the vino doesn’t hurt either.)

Step 7: Hang & Enjoy

To hang your autumn wreath, you can either attach a hanger to the back of the wreath or use a thick, colorful ribbon. If you’re hanging it on your front door where it’ll be exposed to the elements, polish the acorns with a little olive or jojoba oil. It’ll keep some of the moisture out. It will also make your wreath shiny. Bonus!

Change Seasons, Change Colors

This wreath is about as versatile as it gets. You can leave it au naturel for the autumn months. And then in the winter, a quick spritz of silver paint will make it holiday-ready. Fast forward a few months and a coat of bright green or orange paint will carry you through spring and summer. It’s really that easy!

No Acorns? No prob.
You know those bags of mixed nuts the grocery stores put out this time of year? The ones with pecans, walnuts and Brazil nuts – all still in their shells. Well, those make beautiful wreaths too. Check out my video tutorial here. I made my multi-nut wreath four years ago and it still looks awesome.

Too many acorns? Also no prob.Β Check out this list of even more acorn crafts here, or link to your favorite acorn craft in the comments below.

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