20 Earth Day Crafts: Get Your Reuse On!

Upside Down Tomato PlanterEarth Day Crafts for the Garden

Whether you’re growing your own food or planting beautiful flowers and ground cover, gardening can get pretty crafty! Here are a few ways to add DIY touches to your garden!

6. Build a Worm Compost Bin – Don’t toss those food scraps in the trash! Compost them to make your own fertilizer. When we throw away food scraps, they break down in the landfill to create methane, a greenhouse gas more powerful than CO2. Boo! Give that food back to the earth with worm power instead!

7. Start Seedlings in Food Scrap Containers – Combine composting with gardening to reduce waste and nourish your garden!

8. Moss Graffiti – Decorate a wall or fence in your garden with beautiful moss graffiti instead of toxic paint.

9. Make an Upside Down Tomato Planter – As seen on TV, but without all of the shipping and waste! Growing tomatoes upside down helps keep pests away, and you can make your own planter from reclaimed materials.

10. Upcycled Plant Markers – You might think you’ll remember what you planted where, but don’t you always end up with one or two mystery plants? You don’t need to buy boring made-in-China plant markers! Make your own from upcycled materials instead!

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