20 Earth Day Crafts: Get Your Reuse On!

DIY Liquid WatercolorsEven MORE Earth Day Crafts for Kids!

Yep! We think getting the kids into the Earth Day spirit is so important that we’ve got even more ways you can craft green with the wee ones this year.

16. Homemade Craft Supplies – Supplies that you buy at the craft store might seem like they magically appear. Teach your kids about what goes into things like watercolors by enlisting their help to make their own!

17. DIY Play Dough – Store-bought play dough has all kinds of icky dyes and petroleum products. Get in the kitchen with your kids and make your own from scratch: it’s easy and fun! They’ll love customizing the colors, and they can help stir until it starts getting really thick.

18. Make Your Own Liquid Watercolors from Used Markers – Craft supplies like markers are hard to make yourself, but you can teach your kids about conservation by squeezing every drop of usefulness from those suckers!

19. Crafty Green Projects that Recycle Markers and Pens – Got all of the ink out of those markers? Check out some ways you and your kids can reuse the rest of those markers and pens for crafting!

20. Recycled Cardboard Pendants – Let your child make his or her own jewelry using scrap cardboard from the recycle bin!

Are you planning anything crafty for Earth Day? We’d love to hear what you’re making in the comments, or you can enter your craft in our Green Crafts Showcase!

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