20 Earth Day Crafts: Get Your Reuse On!

soap carving

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Get the kiddos in on the Earth Day action! Crafting is one of the most fun and engaging ways to teach your kids about reducing waste and about reuse. This is such an important aspect of Earth Day that we’ve got two whole pages of Earth Day crafts just for the kiddos!

11. Cardboard Crafts for Kids – Check out these epic craft projects for kids to use some of the cardboard from your recycle bin.

12. Sandy Handprint – Do you live near the beach? Check out this project to incorporate nature right into your crafting!

13. Homemade Memory Games – How much your kids can help with this really depends on how old they are, but they’ll love playing a memory game made from reclaimed materials that they helped choose and collect!

14. Build Newspaper Structures – Hit the recycle bin for old newspaper and get your upcycled craft on with those little ones!

15. Soap Carving – Your kids might look forward to bath time if they’re using soap sculptures that they carved themselves. Plus, they learn about real upcycling: this morning’s craft supply is this evening’s bar of soap. Boom!

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