How-to: Start Seedlings in Food Scrap Containers

seedling in an eggshell image via Shutterstock
seedling in an eggshell image via Shutterstock

Seed starting doesn’t have to cost a fortune (although it can!). If you’re big into recycling, newspaper seedling pots are easy to make and terrific to use. If you’re big into nature crafts, however, or if you just don’t feel like scoring a ton of newspaper and folding it into seed starter pots, then you’ll be happy to know that you can make a ton of serviceable seed starters right from your kitchen scraps.

Seed starters made from food scraps are even more economical than recycled seedling pots–you’ve got to eat even more than you’ve got to read the newspaper!–and even better for your garden, because all those eggshell seedling pots, orange peel seedling pots, and pumpkin shell seedling pots? That’s compost, right where your garden needs it the most.

Here’s a selection of food scrap seed starters–no matter where your tastes lie, you’ll find something here to eat and then plant:

seedlings in eggshellsl image via Shutterstock
seedlings in eggshells image via Shutterstock

eggshells:Β Not only do these eggshell seed starters amend your soil when you plant them, but they look very, VERY cute all lined up in their egg cartons. Lined up along the center of the table, they make an excellent spring display.

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