We’ve Been Pimped! CAGW’s First Media Mention

NewspaperBeing the new kid on the scene is never easy. Crafting a Green World has been online less than a week and we are working harder than ever to get the word out about our existence.

So far, we still only have one writer – me, your jolly editor – but that will soon change! As new writers come on board, I’ll be posting a picture and a bit of info about them so you can get to know your fellow crafters/bloggers.

Though our one-week anniversary on Wednesday is barely within reach, CAGW has already gotten its first mention on another blog – yeah, I’m amped about it too. Debra Roby, the debonair of DIY for BlogHer, shares her affection for CAGW in her weekly “Crafting a Life” series. Many thanks to Debra for sharing CAGW with her audience and we hope to have a number of them stopping by here really soon.

[Image courtesy of Brian Snelson]

Have you added CAGW to your Twitter and MySpace friends lists yet?

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