Feb 1st: Bleeding Hearts One-Day Benefit Sale

Bleeding Hearts BenefitDrilling for oil in Alaska has been a hot environmental topic for the past few years, but it hasn’t been mentioned in the Green Options network for over 6 months. United States primary election coverage has taken center stage in most news outlets, and though the state of our planet is a key part of the debates, it hasn’t stopped the current administration from trying to make their own “progress” on the issue.

Most people don’t know about the US government’s plans to pass legislation that will allow leasing rights for oil drilling in the polar bear habitats of Alaska. Green non-profit Sierra Club has been working hard to raise awareness about this highly controversial plan that has been since buried to the back of most newspapers.

The aforementioned legislation is up for vote next Wednesday, February 6th. As Valentine’s Day approaches, there is no better time to “show the world a bit of positivity through loving actions,” according to Renee Garner, founder of indie craft company Wolfie & the Sneak.

To help the Sierra Club continue to raise awareness of the dangers and drawbacks of drilling in Alaska, Renee is holding a one-day benefit sale this Friday, February 1st, called the Bleeding Hearts Benefit. A host of swank goodies from a variety of small arts and crafts businesses have been donated for the sale and 100% of all proceeds will be donated directly to the Sierra Club.

You can preview some of the goods that will be available this Friday on the special website Renee has set up for the sale, all of which will be for sale via Etsy.

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