Recycled Photo Collage

photo-collage.jpgI forgot how much fun it is to make a collage but after seeing this collage by Justyn Hegreberg, I can’t wait to dive in!

Justyn’s work is so interesting and original because he uses recycled photographs (mostly doubles and blurry snapshots collected from Craigslist) and a paper shredder to create his signature look.

I love this idea to use a paper shredder to cut the paper, just think of the possibilities! Although Justyn seems to always arrange the paper horizontally, think about weaving or alternating the orientation of the strips to create your own look. Your blurry outtakes and photos of ex-boyfriends will never look so good!

If you would like to add your own unwanted photographs to Justyn’s work, you can mail them to:

Justyn Hegreberg
P.O. BOX 13495
Portland, OR 97213-0495

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