How To: Sheet Music Bottle

DIY sheet music bottle

Most people know I love crafting, so they always give me items that they think I could use (which I absolutely love!). My friend and her family saved a few wine bottles for me after one of their family gatherings and I was so excited to do a a project with them! Then, a few weeks ago, I found several books of sheet music at a thrift store for 50 cents each. Add these items together and you get a really fun and recycled decor piece– a sheet music bottle!

What You Will Need:

1. A glass bottle of some sort.

2. Sheet music (You could also use newspaper or book pages).

3. Glue. If you can, use Eco Glue!

4. Water.

How To Do It:

1. Wash out/peel the stickers off of your bottle.

2. In a small bowl, mix your glue with a little bit of water. I didn’t measure this, so it’s hard to tell you an exact amount, but you will want to make the glue more like a soup rather than a paste. This process is similar to the Newspaper Art Project.

3. Β Tear your sheet music into strips/pieces. I tore mine because I didn’t want it to look too uniform.

DIY sheet music bottle

4. Glue your sheet music onto your bottle. I used my hands to spread the glue on, but you could use a small paint brush as well. I put a few pieces that had a straight edge at the bottom of the bottle so it covered everything.

DIY sheet music bottle

Then, I layered other pieces of top of it. You will want to keep layering the pieces until the entire bottle is covered with sheet music.

DIY sheet music bottle

5. Let your bottle dry.

Optional: Once your bottle is dry, write a cute message on it. I tried to write “love” on mine, but I failed horribly (needless to say, the “love” message is on the back of my bottle now so no one can see it).

DIY sheet music bottle

I love decorations that are eco-friendly and affordable! You could also use your bottle as a vase, or if you do write “love” on it, it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day next month. What else could you do with a fun bottle like this? I would love to see your ideas! If you come up with some fun bottle ideas, share a picture of it on our Facebook wall, or link to your project in the comment section below!

4 thoughts on “How To: Sheet Music Bottle”

  1. I love the idea of this project!
    When I was kid, we used to melt our broken crayons over a bottle, preferably an old Chinati bottle. It never looked very good… this looks good. I think discarded lyrics would be nice, too. And I have lots of them.
    Thanks for the notion~


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