A Quick and Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift!

A Quick and Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift!

If you follow us on Pinterest, you probably saw this idea from Alisa Burke that Becky pinned to our board. I’ve also seen these beautiful pieces of art from Creative Genius Art, too. I fell in love with the idea, so I decided to make my own version for Christmas gifts!

What You Will Need:

1. Recycled paper. I used sheet music, but you could also use book pages.

2. A pencil

3. Paint. I would recommend using watercolors because it allows the sheet music to come through a bit.

4. A small paint brush

5. A picture frame

How To Do It:

1. Write out the text you would like to put on your recycled paper. Here’s a helpful hint if you’re like me and you can’t write bubble letters very well– go into a text application or PicMonkey and type out your phrase. (I used the font Playbill on Microsoft Word for the drum text and Sue Ellen Francisco on PicMonkey for the sing text.) Then, place your paper on the screen of your computer like so:

A Quick and Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift!

Carefully trace the letters. Don’t push too hard, though– it could mess up your screen! Once you trace it lightly on your computer screen, you can make the lines darker on a hard surface.

2. Paint your letters with a small paint brush.

A Quick and Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift!

3. Once everything is dry, place your paper into a pretty picture frame!

Wasn’t that incredibly easy? I’m going to go thrifting next weekend to find the perfect picture frames for them! I’m also going to use some of these creative tips for gift wrapping to make them extra special!

Other ideas you can create using this same concept:

  • The Reader — Use a book page and write “Read” on it.
  • The Sewer — Use an old sewing pattern and write “Sew” or “Craft” on it.
  • The Crafter — Use a book page and write “Craft” on it.
  • The Cute Couple — Use a book page or sheet music from their wedding song, and write “love” on it.
  • Paint a bird or a heart on your recycled paper like Creative Genius Art did!

There are tons of possibilities with this project! What would you do? Share your ideas in the comment section below or on our Facebook page!

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